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With Riverbed ®, Merck KGaA experienced up to 85 percent optimization of Lotus Notes, and that's just for starters.
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Chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA was experiencing latency problems with its Lotus Notes mail application. After considering a number of different solutions, they chose Riverbed Steelhead® appliances because they support Layer-7 optimization. It also helped that the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) supported the new services that Merck KGaA intended to roll out in the near future.

After deploying approximately 80 Steelheads worldwide, the company saw an immediate, 85 percent optimization increase of Lotus Notes. This translated to a 30 percent reduction in bandwidth. End user satisfaction also increased considerably, as did both CIFS and Internet optimization.

Reduced bandwidth utilization by 30%



  • 70-85 percent optimization of Lotus Notes
  • 30 percent bandwidth reduction
  • 60-80 percent CIFS optimization


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