Embraces Riverbed for Site Efficiency and Optimizing Digital Performance
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  • Lack of visibility into network and application operations
  • Insight required to address problems quickly and maintain performance SLAs, such as page load time
  • Greater efficiency to enable IT team to support business experiences and rapid growth


  • Delivery of actionable insight to developer team to help improve digital performance, with faster time to market for new services
  • Fast packet capture and analysis for realtime and retrospective troubleshooting, with scale to accommodate continued growth
  • Creation of efficiencies across the IT function, with greater automation and proactive alerts


n11.com embraces Alluvio™Aternity and Network Performance Management to optimize site efficiency and maximize digital performance.

In 2012, online accounted for just 3% of retail sales in Turkey, however, recently the country has been won over by online retail. Despite a struggling economy and the absence of some of e-commerce’s leading players, online sales continue to boom. Today, the central bank says 15% of credit card transactions are spent on e-commerce, and it expects this figure to rise to 25% in the next five years.

At the heart of this rise is n11.com. A pioneer and a leader in this sector, n11.com is the online platform of choice for many of the country’s best retailers. It has grown from serving 1,000 concurrent customers to more than 20,000. n11.com is Turkey’s largest e-commerce platform.


In e-commerce, superior digital performance is critical. The acceptable page load time is less than two seconds, so the faster the page loads, the higher your sales conversion.

Alper Ümit Yilmaz, IT Operations Director



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