SimplePay Group Selects Riverbed as its Software-defined Networking Partner to Scale its Business Globally
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  • Inability to scale the business efficiently, securely and cost-effectively with existing bespoke network infrastructure
  • Business agility hampered by complex network
  • Deficient network security and reliability for supporting global growth


  • Ability to design and deploy a reliable, secure software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) across the globe at a low cost
  • Reduced time to provision new sites from months to minutes, improving business agility
  • “Set and forget” SD-WAN infrastructure reduces CAPEX as well as the need for additional IT headcount
  • Simplified cloud network management through a single pane of glass (SteelConnect Manager)


When Australian start-up SimplePay decided to take its payment processing service global, the first priority was to replace its existing bespoke networking infrastructure with one that would deliver the security and reliability the company needed to scale its agile business. Riverbed SteelConnect for Amazon Web Services (AWS) enabled SimplePay to deliver its service to new sites quickly, securely and cost-efficiently, paving the way for future growth.

SimplePay opened its doors in Sydney in 2012, quickly establishing itself as a leading payment processing company in Australia. The company’s core value proposition is its market-leading ability to securely process large volumes of transactions across markets and currencies on a single platform. SimplePay solutions address data integrity, privacy and security policies and cover more payment methods than any other provider.




The systems were working fine for us locally in Australia, but I recognized early on that they couldn’t be easily scaled across the globe or easily managed from a reliability and sustainability perspective. We didn’t want to have to drop IT staff in to every new location.

Rob Gillan


If the sales guys get traction in France tomorrow, we’d be deployed [with SteelConnect] before Monday. It’s literally that simple. It’s an environment that is almost unheard of-unmatched. When you see it work, you just don’t believe it.

Rob Gillan


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