Business performance depends on digital performance. It’s vital to the success of new business models and strategies in the era of digital transformation. Riverbed helps organizations maximize digital performance for greater productivity, faster time-to-market, improved customer experiences, and better financial results.


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See the newest features in action, expand your capabilities, and discover how your peers are using Riverbed Technology to maximize their digital experience. The full list of sessions below.

Azure Networking Made Simple

Most enterprise WANs and management practices were designed for the way things were 10-15 years ago—before cloud computing transformed information technology. Today, many IT teams find themselves challenged to managing complex, cloud-connected networks in business environments that demand speed and agility. Learn how Riverbed simplifies the design, deployment, and ongoing management of networks so you can deliver reliably fast and secure access to Azure-based applications.

Manage Digital Experience: All Apps, All Networks, All Users​

In a digital world, every app matters. Your business relies on dozens, or even hundreds of business-critical apps, delivered over many types of networks. You have to ensure those apps deliver an excellent digital experience to every user – customers, the workforce, partners, and suppliers. To ensure success you need an integrated view of digital experience, from the end user’s device, across the network, and into the data center. Attend this session to learn how SteelCentral helps you succeed.

Office 365: Improve Performance with Better Networking​

The end-user experience for Office 365 and other SaaS apps is highly dependent on network performance. Mobile workers are particularly susceptible to network issues. Riverbed can monitor application performance as experienced by end users, help you pinpoint problems, and improve performance with better networking. Learn how SD-WAN can ensure the traffic of time-sensitive applications like Skype are given priority and sent down the best network paths. Get a preview of our new WAN optimization service designed to help mobile workers overcome bandwidth constraints and latency.

Modernizing Edge IT​ with Hyper-V

Learn how enterprises running Windows Server with Hyper-V can leverage Riverbed SteelFusion to Modernize today’s Edge IT. As the platform for the Cloud Edge portfolio, this industry leading solution delivers a holistic solution to instantly deploy and centrally manage edge services and applications to any number of remote sites without any tradeoffs in performance, security, or cost.

Delivering IT Transformation in the Real World​

Software-defined WAN is enabling IT organizations to transform their network operations. Find out how real-world customers are setting up new branch offices faster, simplifying connectivity to Azure, and improving the performance of both networks and applications.

Microsoft 365: How Do You KNOW You’re Delivering ​an Excellent Digital Experience​

Microsoft 365 is all about enabling excellent collaboration to drive business results. Skype for Business. SharePoint. Office productivity apps, etc. These cloud-delivered apps have the power to transform your business. But only if they deliver excellent digital experience. Attend this session to learn how SteelCentral augments Microsoft monitoring tools to achieve this goal.

Cloud Application and Usage Monitoring​

Visibility in the Cloud is a huge challenge. Leaving the Cloud vendors to “tell” you how your traffic is flowing within this technology, is like leaving the fox to tend the hen house! Cloud vendors have a tiered pricing structure on how data is transferred within the cloud. Without the visibility on how your traffic is traversing the cloud, you will not be able to control or manage your costs let alone understand who’s talking to who and what applications do I have deployed within the cloud. SteelCentral provides this level of visibility for Cloud customers where you will understand exactly what traffic is Cloud based, which is On-Premise, and which is a combination of both.

Three Keys to Successful Microsoft Application Deployment for Superior Mobile User Experience  

Digital experience management (DEM) is paramount in changing the focus from technology to the user as businesses undergo digital transformation. This paradigm focuses on what network users are seeing on their devices in real time versus the traditional tactics of observing at some point in between the communicating nodes. Intelligent Wi-Fi can provide additional insights in addition to the end user experience metrics from the DEM platform. By combining the power of SteelCentral Aternity end user performance monitoring with network visibility from Xirrus Wi-Fi, IT organizations can measure the success of an enterprise application roll out such as migration to SaaS, Office 365. By providing application and client support teams with visibility into the network, end user experience management is enriched with holistic view.

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