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Get ready to meet rising expectations for agile and remote work in the public sector

Australian government agencies at Federal and State level scrambled resources in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. In a Herculean effort, IT teams in departments and agencies across the country were able to quickly support remote workers with minimal disruption. But there were agencies that struggled too due to an absence of readiness and a lack of visibility across the now wider WAN.

The addition of thousands of kitchens, lounges and bedrooms to public sector IT networks brings with it a range of productivity, performance and security challenges. An estimated 70 per cent of public sector employees are now working remotely and early analysis is showing strong support to make remote working an accepted practice, rather than the exception.

Once you could define your WAN closely. Not anymore. With the majority of public sector workforces working remotely, every employee’s home becomes an office – with all of the network, application, performance, and security requirements that brings. The wider WAN demands a reappraisal of how our networks and apps work to support new, flexible ways of working – and a world where work has to be securely supported, anywhere and everywhere.

Riverbed solutions can help public sector agencies address the performance challenges that home-based and mobile workers encounter by maximizing application and network performance from any location. Public sector workers stay productive with fast, consistent and reliable access to the applications they rely on to get work done.

Managing the Wider WAN

The Wider WAN is here to stay, learn how the pubic sector should plan for this now and in the future.
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Benefits of the Riverbed Network and Application Performance Platform

Unrivalled visibility into your wide area network

Deploy Riverbed and make better decisions with a complete view of your extended network. Establish a baseline for normal operations, so you know exactly when — and where — there are improvements to be made, or unusual activities to secure.

Fast diagnosis of multi-tier application transactions

Use Cases

Government Application & Network Performance

Monitor and maintain critical apps with unprecedented visibility
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Optimization of Tactical & Satellite Communications

Riverbed's tactical & satellite optimization tools enable greater throughput & accelerate app delivery, pushing the data center towards the network edge
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Government Cloud Adoption Use Case

Riverbed detects & resolves unforeseen issues with cloud adoption before you migrate, so your transition is seamless & the user experience is better
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Government Visibility & Cyber Resilience Use Case

Riverbed enables cyber resilience - the ability to respond & recover based on what’s happening now, and what’s likely to happen next.
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