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In a world of increasing architectural complexity, detecting and diagnosing application performance problems has never been more elusive. To effectively troubleshoot microservices-based applications and containerized workloads in a hyperscale environment, you need complete and granular information about both the workloads and the application infrastructure.

Riverbed Aternity application performance monitoring (APM) takes a scalable big data approach to monitoring cloud-native applications that delivers unified visibility across the application ecosystem, is easy to deploy and manage, and results in faster troubleshooting for even the toughest performance problems. With Aternity, you get:

  • The most complete end-to-end distributed tracing for your cloud-natïve infrastructure
  • Lightweight, non-intrusive instrumentation that automatically discovers application components, containers, and their relationships
  • Unified analytics across application trace, log, SQL, network and systems data
  • Container-aware mapping and visualization
  • Second-by-second metrics

Fully adapted to the cloud-native ecosystem

Aternity is fully adapted to the cloud-native ecosystem providing full operational visibility into transactions, containers, and microservices running on modern cloud-based application infrastructure, including Docker, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Platform, OpenStack, IBM Cloud, Amazon ECS/EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).


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