Why a Combination of MPLS and SD-WAN is the Future of Enterprise Networking

MPLS has been the de facto standard for enterprise connectivity for over two decades due to its high QoS and highly predictable SLAs. But MPLS is not available everywhere and is much more expensive than Internet links. With the rise of cloud computing and a growing number of remote workers a lot of enterprises have recently begun to consider SD-WAN as a more agile and cost effective networking technology.

What analysts say about the future of enterprise networking

IDC quote
Enterprise networking continues to evolve as companies develop IT strategies that incorporate cloud, mobility, software-defined technologies, and next-generation security solutions. (…) IDC believes that a new wave of virtualized services delivered in a managed services model offer a more viable solution for addressing today's connectivity challenges. (…) Communications Service Providers (CSPs) should invest in high-growth managed network services like SD-WAN and cloud interconnect to meet increasing demand for flexible WAN solutions and protect existing MPLS investments.
Mark Winther, Group Vice President and Consulting Partner, Worldwide Telecommunications, IDC

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