Riverbed Rise: A New Partner Program for a New Era of Computing

Bridget Bisnette

Riverbed RiseIf there’s one constant in technology, it’s change. Our channel partners are ready to tackle the challenges of 2018, and Riverbed has aligned with the idea of transformation to help you deliver on the promises of the future. We’re excited to unveil our reimagined partner program, Riverbed Rise, driven by partner feedback and engineered to be simple, flexible and profitable for our partners.

New Year, new era, new Riverbed

We’re kicking the new year off right! Starting today, partners will experience a whole new Riverbed. We’ve taken aim at old inefficiencies to create an aligned channel strategy that puts the partner in the driver’s seat. This first-of-its-kind partner program reflects an industry in transformation, providing simplified partner technical program, (Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering program, launching February 1st) flexible digital marketing services and increased incentives, all delivered via a redesigned partner center that makes it easier to find what you need.

Why now?

Businesses are experiencing rapid transformation, and they’re looking to channel partners for the best technology, delivered through the most cost-efficient consumption models, that will carry them into their digital future. Whether your customer solution is cloud based, on premise, hybrid or as-a-Service driven, you make a choice in which vendors you choose to bring to the table. We want Riverbed Rise to make that choice easy for you.

This simplified program takes advantage of the latest trends in technology, coupled with the principles of deep partnership. The result is a program that recognizes Partner performance and investment in Riverbed, simplifies program reward structures, and enhances your return on investment.  Your customers get the best Riverbed technology, and you generate more pipeline, more customers, deeper penetration and differentiated delivery modalities.

What’s new?

The biggest issue with traditional partner programs boils down to rigidity. Between cost-and time-intensive certification requirements and prescribed gates, partners have been forced to adapt to the vendor’s directives.

With Riverbed Rise, all of that changes.

We’re empowering our partners to make decisions and drive business based on their own strategies. To accomplish this goal, we’ve created Riverbed Rise to deliver:

  • Simplicity across the board: You’ll experience on-demand access to reward simulator and incentive tracking, a simplified pricing structure and have access to new digital delivery services, including best-in-class marketing solutions, turnkey demand generation, and industry-best-practices social media.
  • Built-in flexibility: Decide which rewards are best suited to your business practices, and choose between rebates, business development, and training funds. Then, take advantage of the latest delivery models by re-investing in new solution modalities such as subscription, managed-service and cloud-based revenue streams built on Riverbed.
  • Enhanced profitability: Cash in on new incentives that align with partners goals for top line and bottom line growth. Choose the sales strategies that are right for you and your customers, including: new customer acquisition, selling across the portfolio, or refreshing your installed base.

It’s time to raise our game together!

At Riverbed, we know the value the channel brings to our business. Riverbed Rise is our New Year’s promise to continued alignment, support and value for you, and for your customers. Keep an eye out for our Riverbed Rise press release, coming soon! And make sure you visit the new Riverbed Rise Partner Center. You can also keep up to date by following us on our brand new, partner-focused LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

2018 is going to be a great year for Riverbed, our channel partners, and most importantly, your customers. So get ready—we’re just getting started.

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