Riverbed Launches Alluvio IQ™ Unified Observability Service that Transforms Data into Actionable IT Insights to Deliver Seamless Digital Experiences

  • New cloud-native, SaaS-delivered service to help IT teams address the challenges caused by today’s complex IT environments, resource constraints, and data silos through AI and machine learning
  • Alluvio IQ enables IT organizations to “Shift-left,” empowering all IT staff to do the job of experienced IT experts, allowing senior staff members to focus on strategic business initiatives
  • Riverbed challenges observability market with Alluvio IQ to go beyond application monitoring and testing— new service leverages full-stack, full-fidelity telemetry, unifying all data, insights and actions across IT


SAN FRANCISCO – September 13, 2022 – Riverbed today announced Alluvio IQ, a new cloud-native, SaaS-delivered Unified Observability service that empowers IT with actionable insights and intelligent automation to fix problems faster and improve digital service quality. Alluvio IQ leverages full-fidelity network performance and end-user experience data across every transaction in the digital enterprise and applies AI and machine learning to contextually correlate data streams and alerts to identify the most business-impacting events. The new service enables IT organizations to “shift left,” empowering all staff to do the job of more experienced IT experts, freeing-up senior IT staff to focus on strategic business initiatives.


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Today’s general release of Alluvio IQ follows a successful Beta release that began in late May and delivers on Riverbed’s April 27 strategy announcement to bring industry-leading unified observability to customers worldwide. In April, Riverbed introduced Alluvio by Riverbed, the company’s Unified Observability software portfolio, which unifies data, insights, and actions across the digital ecosystem so organizations can deliver seamless, secure digital experiences and drive enterprise performance.


“We are thrilled to unveil Alluvio IQ and deliver on our vision to create a highly innovative, differentiated SaaS-delivered Unified Observability service,” said Dan Smoot, CEO of Riverbed. “Observability today has evolved in the market to deal beyond the challenges of application monitoring, testing, and management. As IT teams continue to face issues managing complex, highly distributed environments, Riverbed saw the need for a broader definition and approach to solve an expanded set of challenges. We believe a unified approach to observability is key to allowing organizations to take back the reigns of IT by transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights that drive enterprise performance and deliver exceptional digital experiences.”


According to a recent IDC survey on observability, despite using multiple monitoring and observability tools, most enterprises are still struggling with data collection and are unable to gain actionable insights that improve decision making. The survey found that 75% of organizations have difficulty analyzing correlations and deriving actionable insights, and 58% of the 1,400 respondents believe that their most well-trained IT staff spend too much time on tactical responsibilities. This is a challenge as organizations increasingly rely on a small number of experts to troubleshoot complex environments, increasing risk for the business and taking time away from strategic initiatives. IDC noted in the report that the ability to collect full-spectrum, full-fidelity telemetry about the user and IT environment determines the success or failure of an observability solution.


Alluvio IQ – A More Comprehensive, Unified Approach to Observability 

Alluvio IQ was designed to help IT teams address the challenges caused by today’s complex IT environments, resource constraints, and data silos. Alluvio IQ leverages full-stack, full-fidelity telemetry about the end user, the network, and application to analyze 10+ million data points per minute for complete visibility, even into remote and hybrid work environments. Unlike other products that correlate events primarily based on time, Alluvio automates the process of gathering and correlating 10,000+ metrics per minute across time, device, location, and applications. Alluvio IQ also provides automated investigative workflows designed to replicate the best practices of expert IT teams— enabling enterprises to filter out noise, reduce escalations, set priorities, and scale knowledge residing in the minds of a few across the broader IT team.

Alluvio IQ enables IT organizations to move from simple monitoring and visibility to reap the full benefits of unified observability. Some of those benefits include:

  • Reduced MTTR with actionable insights and intelligent automation that improve digital service quality and enable more productive customers and employees.
  • Improved first-level resolution rates by enabling junior teams to do the job of senior staff with confidence and without needing to escalate.
  • Increase agility and productivity by reducing alert fatigue so operators can focus on fewer, more critical events with more first-time fixes.


Alluvio IQ is the first service built on the new Alluvio Unified Observability platform, a secure, highly available and scalable SaaS platform for cloud-native observability services. Alluvio IQ and the Platform are part of the Alluvio by Riverbed portfolio, which also include industry-leading visibility tools for network performance management (NPM), IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) and Digital Experience Management (DEM), which encompasses application performance management (APM) and end user experience monitoring (EUEM).


“Modern IT environments are highly distributed and increasingly complex, making it more difficult to effectively or efficiently manage these environments and deliver positive experiences,” stated Bob Laliberte, principal analyst, ESG. “Compounding the issue is the “Great Resignation” reducing the number of experienced operations team members. Riverbed’s Alluvio IQ enables organizations to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights so operations can regain control, drive greater operational efficiencies, (even with less experienced team members) and deliver enhanced customer experiences.”


Beta customers like Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, as well as other organizations that include Fortune 500 companies, and partners like World Wide Technology have provided valuable and positive feedback to move Alluvio IQ to today’s general release.


“We’ve been impressed with the simplicity, analytics and auto-remediation designed into Alluvio IQ,” says Doug Horner, SVP, IM Operations, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. “These capabilities provide greater insight into the extensive data running across our company, helping to surface the most important issues for action while reducing alert fatigue. This frees up our senior IT resources to focus on strategic projects while ensuring we continue to deliver on user expectations. The Alluvio unified observability portfolio from Riverbed has given us the ability to provide a stable, high performing environment for our users, which translates to high quality experiences for hundreds of thousands of members.”


“Riverbed’s vision and approach to Unified Observability service is very much aligned to what customers need to address in today’s hybrid enterprise and complex IT environment,” said Mike Cervasio, Practice Lead, AIOps, Solutions Architecture, at World Wide Technology. “Alluvio IQ helps eliminate the data silos and alert fatigue felt by many IT teams, and the ability to provide a unified approach to observability with full-fidelity data and AI capabilities is very powerful. Our customers like that Alluvio IQ enables them to apply expert technical knowledge more broadly and improve business efficiency and decision-making to improve the digital experiences to users and customers. Riverbed’s approach with Alluvio IQ tremendously expands the current market with Unified Observability.”


Franck Martel-Badinga, Head of Infrastructure & Telecoms at Artelia Group, an international engineering and project management company, comments, “To deliver a seamless and secure digital journey for employees and our customers, we wanted to centrally monitor the end-user experience, servers, applications, and the network. By deploying Riverbed’s Alluvio Unified Observability solution for full visibility, it’s now become a crucial component for our day-to-day operations giving us actionable insights for the business and enabling us to make even better decisions to continuously improve the digital experience for our end-users. With performance, security and resilience at the top our agenda, our strong partnership with Riverbed supports this so we can reassure our customers that their data is safe and the service is available 24/7 which is mission-critical for us. We’re delighted to see Riverbed expand on its Unified Observability portfolio with Alluvio IQ, a new innovative service that will make it even easier to gain insights that can be acted on quickly across IT, which will be a differentiator in the market.”


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