Full Spectrum Digital Experience Observability

Intelligent Automation and AI-driven insights into employee and customer digital experiences across devices, all business applications and cloud-native services
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What is Digital Experience?

At the heart of every successful business are its employees. Empowering the workforce to operate with efficiency and effectiveness enables the delivery of superior digital experiences, resulting in improved business outcomes. Digital Experience Management (DEM) is a strategic approach to optimizing the interaction between users and organizations across various digital touch points. An employee’s digital experience can significantly impact productivity and happiness.


AI Powered DEM for Employees and Customers

Riverbed Aternity delivers AI-enabled insights based on real end user experience data and high-fidelity telemetry across endpoints, application, infrastructure and network. With capabilities such as DXI (benchmarking), Intelligent Service Desk, AI-enabled troubleshooting, Digital Workplace teams can drive continuous service improvement and prevent incidents across the enterprise. Discover how Aternity can help enterprises gain full-estate visibility, reduce IT asset costs, advance sustainable IT and improve both employee and customer happiness.

Aternity EUEM

Self-healing and visibility into the end user experience across the enterprise.

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Aternity Mobile

Assure excellent digital experience for corporate owned mobile apps and devices

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Aternity UJI

Contextualized visibility and actionable insights across complex web environments.

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