Full Spectrum Digital Experience Management

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Alluvio Aternity full-spectrum Digital Experience Management provides insight into the business impact of customer and employee digital experience by capturing and storing technical telemetry at scale from employee devices, every type of business application, and your cloud-native application service.

AI-Powered DEM for Customers and Employees

The Alluvio Aternity Digital Experience Management platform contextualizes data across every enterprise endpoint, app and transaction to inform remediation, drive down costs and improve productivity.


End-User Experience Monitoring

Self-healing and visibility into the end user experience of every cloud, SaaS, thick client, or enterprise mobile app in your portfolio, running on any device

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Alluvio Aternity Digital Experience Index

Alluvio Aternity DXI automatically identifies digital experience hot spots across your enterprise impacting employees and customers, then sets you on a path to action and improvement

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Application Performance Monitoring

Simplified high definition monitoring that is scalable, easy to use and deploy, and unifies APM visibility across end users, applications, networks, and the cloud-native ecosystem

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Alluvio Aternity User Journey Intelligence

Contextualized visibility and actionable insights into user journeys across complex web environments, enabling organizations to improve satisfaction, drive revenue, and optimize customer and employee experience

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Device Performance Monitoring (DPM)

Insights into performance and health of laptops, desktops, VDI, and mobile devices, along with self-healing to automatically resolve issues

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Compare your organization’s digital experience to others in the market by leveraging our IT service benchmark data from millions of devices under management

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