Riverbed NPM vs. NetScout and ExtraHop

A Platform Approach to Network Performance Management


NetScout >

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Full Fidelity

All the packets, all the flows, all the infrastructure, all the time


Less Complex

Simultaneous packet capture and analytics on the same device at the same time


Eye-Opening Insight

Reconstructed web pages quantify web user experience 



Better Data

High-definition transaction & real-time packet analysis uncover hidden patterns others can’t


Visualize the Network

Network topology & app mapping show how apps communicate & how the underlying devices support them

Device Health

Network device & interface health, topology maps, configuration monitoring & path analysis



See why our customers choose Riverbed Unified NPM

A leader in application and network performance, Riverbed enables organizations to deploy a unified network performance management solution capable of accelerating key business and technology initiatives. Riverbed NPM offers organizations enhanced visibility across the network, helping to improve agility, efficiency, and performance.
Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group


Digital Transformation is Top Driver of Enterprise Network Strategies

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Unified NPM Maintains Visibility Across On-premises, Virtual, and Cloud Environments

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