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Riverbed acquires network security analytics vendor, FlowTraq

In November 2017, FlowTraq was acquired by Riverbed to bring advanced security technology to the wider Riverbed customer base. With the increasing overlap of the needs of Security and Network Operations teams, existing FlowTraq customers have gained access to Riverbed's product suite, professional services and support organization, while Riverbed’s customers are able to enjoy the additional security analytics of FlowTraq through the Riverbed NPM portfolio.

FlowTraq is a high-performing network security and forensic tool that accelerates incident triage and detects anomalies that are typical of hacker behavior. FlowTraq provides powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use network security analytics based on the ubiquity of NetFlow. Security analysts can detect a complete range of network anomalies, including simple traffic threshold alerts, deviations from baselines, and DDoS events. FlowTraq helps customers.

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Riverbed Security Assets

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Today’s Security Threats and How to Combat them
Solution Brief
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10 Facts You Should Know About DDoS
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Benefits of high-performing network security and forensics

All flows, all the time 

Supports all flow formats, and normalizes their content. This means you can mix and match flow sources, and filter, view and compare traffic from any data source in your network to ensure no security events are missed. 


Broad security analytics

Detect a complete range of network anomalies and security violations, including data leaks, zombie botnets, scanning, brute-force behavior and more.


Detect and mitigate DDoS fast

When a DDoS attack is detected, FlowTraq will automatically select and invoke the best response – within seconds.


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