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What are REST APIs?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow software developers to write applications that communicate with other systems and services. APIs may expose data or metrics from the system or service, as well as configuration options and system status.

REST APIs allow access via HTTP and usually use JSON or XML for data. It is a popular style for defining APIs because of its ease of use for both clients and servers. The term REST (Representational State Transfer) describes a general architectural style and a RESTful API uses just the basic methods of HTTP for interacting with a service.


Riverbed has a wide range of APIs for its application performance infrastructure solutions, including Restful APIs. They are the foundation for Riverbed’s developer tools, including SteelScript for Python and the SteelScript Application Framework
With Riverbed Open APIs, you can access metrics and configuration controls of Riverbed application performance infrastructure. This allows you to customize how you consume metrics and automate configuration, including:

  • Exporting indexed packets from SteelCentral NetShark for custom analysis
  • Customizing your view of network traffic data from Alluvio NetProfiler alongside IT ticketing data

Get More Out of your Investment with Open APIs
Our Open APIs give you the option to extend the value of your Riverbed infrastructure with customization, integration, and automation.
With APIs, you can write software that automates processes. This saves time and effort, while producing more consistent results.


SteelScript for custom IT applications

The Riverbed SteelScript Application Framework provides the foundation for custom IT applications, a customizable hub of IT metrics.

SteelScript for software-defined data centers

With Riverbed, IT can virtualize and automate application performance infrastructure as part of their software-defined data center (SDDC).


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