Real User Monitoring

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Aternity’s RUM allows you to see how users are experiencing your website in real time. See your site performance from a high-level overview all the way down to individual visitor sessions and page views.

Improve Web Performance to Drive Revenue

Aternity presents a complete view of the business impact of performance by correlating user journey analytics with performance data of associated transactions across cloud-native environments. Connect business and technical metrics with “what if” scenarios so you’ll know exactly how speeding up the user workflow impacts revenue.


Optimize for the Customer Journey

Customer Journey Analysis helps you optimize the user experience based on revenue impact. Aternity’s RUM attaches real revenue numbers to every step of the user journey, helping you focus your efforts on the issues that matter most.

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Get Visibility Into Business KPIs

See a high-level view of how your top marketing campaigns are performing in terms of conversions, revenue, bounce rate, exit rate, page speed and more.

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Drill Down Into Details for Analysis

View performance details for in-depth insights into key performance metrics as well as pageview-by-pageview and session-by-session analysis. Click on an individual pageview for even more analysis, including performance breakdown, domain and object level waterfall, and more.

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Visualize How Your Web Pages Load

Aggregate performance waterfalls combine thousands of sessions at once to visualize how every image, file and third party tag is delivered to your customers.

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Alluvio Unified Observability Family


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