Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Manage Applications

Get visibility and diagnostics across your applications, networks and infrastructure on and off the cloud, and their impact on end user experience.

Why Use Application Performance Management?

Customer and employees alike, expect smooth and meaningful digital experiences to get things done. Businesses rely on IT to build and deliver apps, networks and infrastructure to meet these expectations and keep pace with users’ evolving needs. IT is in the process of adopting technologies - cloud, mobile, and analytics - to help deliver innovative apps to support digitized businesses.

To ensure that these applications are reliable 24/7, and yield the results that users and businesses desire, they need to be continuously monitored and analyzed.

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One Solution for All Your Monitoring Needs

SteelCentral helps you build and deliver high-performing applications, infrastructure and networks on and off the cloud. It continuously monitors them with minimal overhead to give you end-to-end visibility and insights around-the-clock. With Application Performance Management (APM), you get:

User Experience & Business Insights: Understand your users’ satisfaction and trends in real-time. Identify your application’s best and least used features, and quantity its financial impact on business results.

Application Performance Insights: Trace every transaction from user to back-end. Understand app dependencies, or expose and fix even the most hard-to-detect code, SQL or web services problems quickly.

Network & Infrastructure Diagnostics: Continuously monitor your dynamic infrastructure. See their impact on your apps and vice versa. Resolve resource utilization and network-related errors before users are impacted. Capture and analyze packets to get to the root causes.


Network-based application performance helps Crayola keep network staff small while being proactive about network problems and line usage.

Crayola network-based application performance management case study

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