Get Real-Time Performance Insights Across Your Apps, Networks, Servers & End Users

Build and deliver high-performing applications, infrastructure and networks on and off the cloud. Continuously monitor them to get end-to-end visibility and end-user experience insights around-the-clock.


We’re now able to look inside of the developers’ code – without having to modify the code – while it’s running in our production environment. That’s fantastic. I can’t imagine someone running a site of any real size without this capability. - Eric McCraw, Global Web Systems Manager for IT, National Instruments

With SteelCentral AppInternals, IT organizations and the line of business get:

Application Performance Insights

Trace every transaction from user to back-end. Understand app dependencies, or expose and fix even the most hard-to-detect code, SQL or web services problems quickly.

Network & Infrastructure Diagnostics

Continuously monitor your dynamic infrastructure. See their impact on your apps and vice versa. Resolve resource utilization, network latency or errors before users are impacted.

User Experience & Business Insights

Understand your users’ satisfaction and trends in real-time. Identify your application’s best and least used features, and quantity its financial impact on business results.

Features and Benefits of SteelCentral AppInternals

Build and deliver high-performing applications, infrastructure and networks on and off the cloud. Continuously monitor them to get end-to-end visibility and end-user experience insights around-the-clock.

Never miss a performance problem

You’re only two clicks from an answer to virtually any performance problem. Continuously monitor the full stack on and off the cloud with little overhead to expose and troubleshoot issues in great detail.

Reconstruct & diagnose all incidents

Trace transactions from the user, over the network and into the backend, while capturing system metrics every second. Reconstruct incidents in great detail to fix application, network or infrastructure issues.

Manage distributed environments

Monitor your dynamic infrastructure, including those within IaaS, PaaS and containerized environments. See your server and network topology to understand dependencies or plan for capacity.

Derive Business & App Intelligence

Discover key business transactions and quantify the application’s financial impact on the business. Use simple queries to expose bugs or to plan for capacity. Improve performance with every release.

Collaborate across the application lifecycle

Measure impact and share performance insights across development, QA, and production. Detailed diagnostics help development and support teams fix problems without having to reproduce them.


"SteelCentral™ AppInternals helps us immediately identify performance slowdowns and resolve any application-related performance problems before our members are even aware of them." CIO, AAA (Missouri)

"SteelCentral™ AppInternals has proven successful where traditional tools and approaches have fallen short. We previously spent an average of 2000 hours yearly on application performance issues and resolved only about 65% of the cases. With AppInternals, we now resolve more than 95% of the reported cases and have been able to significantly reduce the mean time spent on each case." Web Systems Engineer, National Instruments

"SteelCentral™ AppInternals has proven itself to be a valuable tool for J2EE application performance troubleshooting at BAE Systems. We previously used several software packages to identify patterns and problem areas, which can now be performed with Riverbed's integrated solution, SteelCentral™ AppInternals. The level of detail shown by SteelCentral™ AppInternals has given us valuable insight into our J2EE and .NET applications, which enabled us to resolve significant performance bottlenecks." Principal Systems Engineer, BAE Systems

“SteelCentral™ AppInternals gives us a comprehensive application performance toolkit – with all the usual features such as the tracing and memory analysis, as well as unique features such as metrics correlation, that we can leverage to solve different kinds of problems. [AppInternals] allows us to attack the problem from multiple perspectives: in the code, the database, and the overall application system.”  Manager, Data Center Infrastructure, Prometric

“We reduced outages by 80% within 30 days of using Riverbed.”  VP of IT, Major Broadcasting Company

“We saw a 20% reduction in recurring issues!” Director of Operations, Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company

“We avoided a 7 million-dollar mistake!” Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company, (on their planned investment in a faulty vendor application)

“Using SteelCentral™ AppInternals has led to better communication among the different IT groups and even with the outsourcer.” Application Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"It took us 4 months to get to where you are in 3 days!“ IT Manager, Major Airline (during Riverbed proof of concept)

“We used to spend the majority of the analysis phase determining ownership and isolating the problem to a specific area. With Riverbed, we reduced the turnaround time by 50% while reducing head-count utilization by 25%.” Application Manager, Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company

“Riverbed has enabled us to increase the number of users supported by the application by 30%!” Application Team Lead, US Govt. Agency

“With the faster response times achieved with Riverbed we can execute more trades, and generate more revenue.” IT Manager, Major Investment Bank

How It Works

Applies big data analytics for end-to-end application performance management

  1. Captures real end-user experience monitoring
    • Identifies performance problems
  2. Simple code-level transaction tracing
    • Displays each occurance of the performance problems
  3. Big data analytics correlates where problems exist
    • Shows root-cause analysis
    • Verifies where the root problem has no impact

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Customer Stories - SteelCentral™ AppInternals Customer Testimonials and Successes


Insurance company improves the performance of IT to enhance productivity and customer loyalty


Partner Solution

Partner Solution

Tools that allow people to share information quickly and easily are key to collaboration. With Microsoft product and Riverbed working to make sure that network challenges don’t slow things down, you can have a happier, more productive workforce.

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