Business Activity Analytics for All your Apps

When you’re charged with making sure applications support the business, you can’t rely only on metrics based on infrastructure availability or network latency. If the server is up, and network latency is sub-second, but the application is slow to render on the end user’s device, then that user is being hampered in their ability to do their job. Your ability to improve app performance and business processes depends on having visibility into the end user’s experience of ALL of the applications on which they depend.


Here are some of the capabilities you can benefit from with SteelCentral EUEM:

  • Business Activity Analytics empowers you to monitor the performance of users’ interactions with apps in the context of a business workflow
  • Automatic notification of incidents, classified by severity, and displayed by number of impacted users, department, device type, and geography
  • Isolate the source of slow response to the user’s device or the server and related network infrastructure, whether or not that infrastructure is under your control
  • Analyze app performance, as seen by every end user for every instance of every monitored business activity with a color-coded status indication performance relative to baselines

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