Monitor Enterprise Mobile App Performance, from the User’s Device to the Back-End

SteelCentral EUEM seamlessly integrates Mobile APM for iOS, Android, and Windows tablet apps, so IT Ops can monitor them centrally, along with local, web, and cloud apps running on physical and virtual devices.

  • Instrument any enterprise iOS or Android app for performance diagnostics and user interactions, without access to the code, eliminating extra development effort
  • Resolve issues quickly by monitoring performance in real-time to isolate and troubleshoot problems down to the code, SQL, server, network or web 
  • Proactively detect and analyze mobile app performance incidents by severity, affected users, and business locations, to prioritize response, using the same workflow and analytics as for any other enterprise application
  • Optimize mobile app performance and adoption by tracking performance and usage by department, geography, OS, carrier, and manufacturer

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