Monitoring Consumer and Workforce Apps Requires a Different Kind of Mobile APM

As you roll out mobile apps for use by customers and the workforce, you must ensure those apps earn a five-star rating. Mobile APM capabilities like crash analytics, app error reporting, and service performance metrics are just the start. When there are problems, you need to understand the business impact, in terms of revenue at risk or lost productivity, and the affected users, by geography, business function, or department.

Mobile APM Benefits

With a Mobile APM solution for consumer and workforce apps, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Identify issues proactively, before users complain
  • Track every transaction from the mobile device to the application back end
  • Augment your enterprise mobility management system with actual mobile user experience
  • Identify usage patterns so you can optimize app performance and prioritize new features

Assure a Quality Mobile User Experience with SteelCentral Mobile APM

With SteelCentral, IT can seamlessly monitor enterprise iOS, Android, and Windows tablet apps, along with local, web, and cloud apps running on physical and virtual devices.

  • Instrument any enterprise iOS or Android app for performance diagnostics and user interactions, without access to the code, eliminating extra development effort
  • Optimize mobile app performance and adoption by tracking performance and usage by department, geography, OS, carrier, and manufacturer
  • Trace every transaction from the user to the back-end, to expose and fix even the most hard-to-detect code, code, SQL, system or web services problems
  • Continuously monitor your distributed, dynamic infrastructure, including datacenters, IaaS, PaaS and containerized environments, with full visibility into transactions and methods

Proactively Identify and Resolve Mobile App Issues  

  • Tag-free mobile app instrumentation provides out-of-the-box monitoring of metrics such as launches, crashes, errors, service and network performance, battery, and signal strength
  • Resolve issues quickly with real-time, automated anomaly detection that alerts you to abnormal behavior in the code, SQL, server, network or web
  • Proactively detect and analyze mobile app performance incidents by severity, affected users, and business locations, to prioritize response
  • Leverage pattern recognition through performance “clusters” and correlation algorithms to find groups of related transactions and performance metrics

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