Global Unified Communications Visibility for Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft Environments

Formerly Known As: OPNET Unified Communications Xpert

Unified communications only stay unified when you have complete management of your file/application sharing, presence, instant messaging, voice and video communications. SteelCentral UCExpert provides a complete solution to manage your unified communications. Now the data network, desktop support, Windows server and voice groups all need to work collaboratively together to ensure high-quality service and effectively troubleshoot user issues.


Rather than waiting to hear from a user about a problem, we’re able to send an email out and say, ‘We know this is going on and we’re working on it,’ which helps the IT department be seen as proactive. Stalin Guilamo, Manager of Network and Telephony Operations, Riverside Company

Why do I need SteelCentral UCExpert?

Unified communications is all about integrating multiple IP-based services to increase workplace productivity no matter where the work is being conducted. When the quality of these services degrades, productivity suffers. IT teams must respond effectively no matter which of these services is affected.

Data network, desktop support, Windows server, and telecoms specialists need to work collaboratively to ensure high-quality service and realize their investment benefits. They require a solution that leverages common workflows, troubleshooting tools and processes in order to effectively troubleshoot user issues. Adopting the right management solution is essential to ensure both cross-functional IT and business collaboration and to deliver quality UC performance.

Benefits of SteelCentral UCExpert

Riverbed® SteelCentral™ UCExpert monitors and troubleshoots the performance of unified communications environments. It provides a multi-vendor, multi-tenant user interface that supports Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Cisco and Avaya and offers an at-a glance view of overall UC performance when multiple UC solutions are deployed. As a result it quickly helps you:

  • Justify your investment by understanding UC performance adoption and usage
  • Quickly identify root cause of network degradations, device errors or user mistakes
  • Reduce number of escalations by enabling desktop support to more self sufficient

Key Features

SteelCentral UCExpert uses common troubleshooting workflows so users can:

  • Quickly search for calls, media, phones across any vendor and time range
  • Sort, filter and group by or across vendors to help isolate similar characteristics of failed or poorly performing calls
  • Use hop-by-hop media path views with Intelligent Path Analysis to provide graphical illustration of the media path taken for calls to more quickly isolate the source of UC problems on the network
  • Easily compare data side by side to quickly identify what is different between similar calls, media streams or phones to speed root cause analysis


Figure 1. SteelCentral UCExpert’s Intelligent Path Analysis streamlines troubleshooting of network and infrastructure-based unified communications issues from within the UC workflow.

Ensure performance of critical voice services

With a mission critical application such as VoIP, it is imperative to test the functionality after deployment, following upgrades, and during off-hours when problems may go undetected. Additionally, in a multi-site environment, the ability to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose problems is a critical component to scaling your voice IT team.

  • Track all changes made to the VoIP environment
  • Detect problems before they impact users with proactive automated testing
  • Speed troubleshooting and reduce expenses with Remote Hands functionality
  • Proactively alert on problems in voice quality, service availability, performance, security, capacity and other key performance metrics
  • Return on Investment

    A sample customer with 30,000 units across 25 physical locations can save up to 90% in man–hours with the automated processes of SteelCentral UCExpert. This amounts to $3.4M over 3 years.

    A lending processing company’s contact center told us that unplanned downtime of 4 hours would cost them $10 million. The outage could probably have been avoided by using regular health checks. That said, even if the outage could not have been totally avoided, our phone fault management capabilities could have significantly reduced mean time to repair.

    A sample customer with 1,000 unites across 5 locations saved 325 staff hours and $33,000 in deployment costs by using SteelCentral UCExpert to automate installing the phones, testing the phones, post deployment regression testing and reporting, plus proactive reporting for several business days afterward.

    "40% of telephony problems are now resolved in the 1st call by Tier 1 Operations personnel. This fact alone pays for the product." – Global Cisco UC Customer



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Proactive VoIP Monitoring Improves Performance of Business-Critical Voice Communications

Partner Solution

IXIA Network Visibility Solutions complements Riverbed SteelCentral by extending access to all the physical & virtual network traffic needed for analysis.

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