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Technical Specs

Tech Specs Deployment Options: On-premises, in the cloud or as SaaS; [try it today]
Data Collection: Lightweight software agents for web and mobile apps collect full code-level detail from within the browser and through the back-end, along with the high definition system metrics sampled at 1-second intervals.
Scalability: Scales to billions of transactions a day across 10s of 1000s of application components with proprietary "big data" technology for efficient data transfer, capture, and storage.
Configuration: Captures the full call stack for all transactions. No intimate knowledge of the application code is needed to configure what to include/exclude.
Cloud/Container Support: Full operational visibility for containerized, cloud environments including: Docker, Kubernetes, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, OpenShift, IBMCloud, AWS Cloud/ECS, Google Cloud/Container, and Azure Cloud


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EMA White Paper

EMA White Paper

Unifying End-User, Network, and Application Performance Monitoring and Management


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SteelCentral for End User Experience and Application Performance Monitoring

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How AI for IT Ops Can Improve Business Outcomes


End-to-end visibility and diagnostics for cloud native applications running in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

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