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Technical Specifications

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Use Case

Virtual- and Cloud Environments

Recommended # of users

5-2500 users


VGW-LIC-BW010: 100Mbps VPN

Hardware requirements: 1 CPU core @ 2.1 GHz (Intel E5-2600v4) 1GB DRAM & 200MB storage

VGW-LIC: 2.5 Gbps VPN

Hardware requirements: 4 CPU cores @ 3.0 GHz or 6 CPU cores @ 2.1 GHz (Intel E5-2600v4)

8GB DRAM & 2GB storage

Actual performance will vary depending on hypervisor/virtualization & hardware platform design


3x 1GbE or 1x 10GbE WAN ports 8x LAN ports

Temperature Range



steelhead spec sheet download

Download: SD-WAN Spec Sheet

steelhead spec sheet download

Download: SteelConnect Data Sheet


Analyst Report

Enterprise Strategy Group Validates Riverbed SD-WAN

Analyst Report

Analyst Report

IDC SD-WAN: Guidance on WAN Transformation

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SteelConnect Use Cases

Riverbed expands SD-WAN use-cases beyond Hybrid WAN.
See what’s possible when an industry-leader redefines how networking is done.

Hybrid WAN

Business Use Case
Simplify the management of multiple networks with cloud-based centralized management and a menu-driven, simplified design and workflow.

Visibility and a Cloud-First Strategy

Financial Services Use Case
Unifying and securing on-premises/off-premises perimeters needs to go hand in hand with simplified network operations and fast application provisioning

Hybrid Cloud

Industry Use Case
Connect your Virtual Private Connections (VPCs) together with full mesh VPN.

SteelConnect Services

Assess SD-WAN Migration and Accelerate SteelConnect Deployments and Time to Value.

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