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Modernizing the Edge: Agility and Velocity. Security. Performance. No Trade-Offs.

Riverbed SteelFusion includes patented technology that delivers a modern, cloud-like experience to IT organizations managing increasingly complex, mission-critical ROBO locations in today’s digital world.

SteelFusion is the first and only Software-Defined Edge (SD-Edge) solution that delivers local performance while enabling data convergence, instant provisioning/recovery and lower TCO for distributed organizations.

With SteelFusion’s SD-Edge solution, you can:  

  • Converge remote storage, server, backup and networking infrastructure into one appliance
  • Secure 100% of a company’s data in the data center or public cloud while delivering the application performance required by remote workers to get business
  • Achieve agile IT with instant provisioning of new network services, line of business apps and entirely new sites
  • Eliminate remote backup, achieve near real-time RPO and significantly reduce RTO
  • Minimize operational costs by extending hybrid cloud investments in storage, virtualization, backup and IT staff to every edge in the business

SteelFusion consists of two components:

SteelFusion Edge: A dedicated appliance or SteelFusion software installed on prescribed 3rd party servers that uniquely integrates server, storage, network and virtualization to run local ROBO applications, eliminating the need for additional branch infrastructure

SteelFusion Core: A storage delivery controller that interfaces with SAN or NAS storage arrays in the data center or public cloud-based storage for additional flexibility

SteelFusion is ideal for simplifying the complexities inherent with managing today’s digital enterprise. SteelFusion integrates three unique features for a hands off, Zero Branch IT approach to running your global ROBO operations:

  • BlockStream℗: Integrated storage delivery - Riverbed-patented technology that uniquely centralizes data in the datacenter and projects a working set out to your branch
  • SteelHead: Built-in WAN optimization from the industry’s leading WAN optimization solution
  • VSP: Branch-optimized virtualization a fully integrated instance of VMware vSphere hypervisor

Benefits: A Better Solution for Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) IT

Maintain a competitive advantage by keeping your organization business agile regardless of where your remote sites might be.

No servers. No storage. No backup.

Reduce capital and operational costs by consolidating and securing 100% of ROBO data and branch servers into the data center or cloud with zero impact to application performance.

Instant provisioning.  Instant recovery.

Provision and deploy ROBO services, applications and entire sites by quickly spinning up virtual machines from your data center. Complete ROBO recovery in minutes instead of days to satisfy the most aggressive RPO/RTO requirements.

Complete security.

Eliminate the risk associated with having business data and intellectual property scattered across remote and dispersed branch locations by housing your company data in the secure data center or cloud. Complete data encryption at rest and in flight.

Apps that simply work.

Superior performance and end user experience for all applications needed to stay productive at your branch offices. Deliver the best end user experience across the hybrid network by optimizing application performance for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications.

ROI: Maximize Cost Savings for Edge IT

How much can you save with SteelFusion's software-defined edge solution? Estimate the ROBO cost-saving potential for your business with our ROI calculator.

Calculate your savings >

steelfusion cost-savings calculator for sd edge and robo solutions

Use Cases

Data Centralization

Use Data Centralization to store your data where it's safest while providing your branch office users local performance even during WAN outages
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Instant Branch Provisioning

Achieve continuous operations with instant branch disaster recovery & avoidance without sacrificing the benefits of having servers at the edge
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SteelFusion – Instant Branch Provisioning Use Case

Learn how SteelFusion extends the security and capabilities of your data center out to every single location, across the globe, in your distributed enterprise.
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Reducing Branch IT Footprint

Reduce your infrastructure footprint at the branch to reduce your capital and operational costs and simplify your IT practices.
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SteelFusion – Instant Provisioning Branch Back Up Use Case

Learn how SteelFusion makes is possible for you to eliminate the need to purchase, install, and manage dedicated backup solutions in remote sites.
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