Traditional disaster recovery solutions cannot entirely ensure service level agreements and business continuity

“Maintaining fast and predictable WAN performance into and between data centers has become critical for many of today’s enterprises. Protecting data within and across multiple data centers is essential to keeping a business online and operational. The challenge is doing so without generating ever increasing operational cost and risk, even as data sets and replication workloads continue to increase.”
-Brad Casemore, Research Director, IDC

Today, organizations are consolidating data centers, centralizing branch servers and storage and moving from tape-based backup to WAN-based data transfer and replication. As a result, they have more data in fewer data centers – with large data sets transferred between data centers.

Fast but reliable performance between data centers is challenged by high latency, packet loss, limited bandwidth, congestion and competition among applications.

In the face of these IT initiatives and the rapid growth in data, organizations are struggling to maintain the bottom line, as well as service-level agreements such as Recovery Point and Time Objectives (RPO/RTO) associated with mission-critical business continuity and disaster recovery processes.

Built for data center-to-data-center data replication and disaster recovery needs

With SteelHead, organizations can transfer and replicate more data more often with greater visibility and control and less cost and risk, thereby ensuring rapid data recovery times and improved business continuity. SteelHead CX delivers up to 60x improvements in throughput across WANs with high latency and/or packet loss and reduces bandwidth by up to 99%.
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Enable business consolidation and continuity, reduce risk and protect and grow the business

“The predictably fast performance provided by the SteelHead, coupled with enhanced visibility and control of DR processes, allows our customers to sleep better at night knowing that their data replication workloads will complete on time every time, even in the presence of unforeseen changes in workload or network conditions.”-David Titov, Practice Director, Trace 3

With the best price/performance value for optimizing data center-to-data center workloads, SteelHead delivers increased capacity and optimized performance at lower cost. You also can reduce the risk to the business when you meet or exceed performance service-level agreements (SLAs), despite network challenges and bandwidth constraints.

With SteelHead, fine-grain visibility and control of individual workloads leads to improved performance, predictability and business planning. The ability of the SteelHead solution to discover another SteelHead automatically simplifies network integration and makes data center and network management easier.

SteelHead not only reduces bandwidth requirements but also does away with project delays and defers bandwidth upgrade expenses. Now you can focus on fully supporting strategic business continuity and the business.

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