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What is a Web Application Framework?

You know powerful data and metrics exist in your Riverbed infrastructure. Wouldn’t you love to view that data in a specific way, or share it with certain groups? SteelScript Application Framework is the foundation for querying, processing, and visualizing Riverbed metrics on your terms.

A web application framework is a code base of core functions used in any web application. The web application framework takes care of the basic web application functions so that developers can focus on their unique requirements and develop their web applications faster. Often a web application can be built with little or no experience.

Django is an open source web application framework written in Python. The Django web application framework has integrations with several back-end databases and a large community of developers.


Riverbed SteelScript Application Framework

Riverbed SteelScript Application Framework is based on Django and builds upon the SteelScript for Python SDK. It provides the foundation for a web application that can query, process, and display customized metrics and analysis using Riverbed’s Open APIs and other data sources.
With SteelScript Application Framework, you can build web applications that consume Riverbed’s Open APIs faster. It’s the express-lane kit for developers that includes:

  • Virtual machine to quickly install and run the application
  • Web-based configuration to connect the application to your Riverbed infrastructure
  • Several pre-built widgets that query data from Alluvio NetProfiler and SteelCentral NetShark

View data from your Riverbed infrastructure alongside data from other sources to get a comprehensive picture.

Get More Out of your Investment with SteelScript Application Framework

You want to get the most out of your investment in Riverbed application performance infrastructure. With SteelScript Web Application Framework, you build IT applications that query data from across your infrastructure – including Riverbed – and use that data how it makes sense for your business.

SteelScript Application Framework eliminates unnecessary programming hours and lets developers focus on building the unique, custom code for your company’s needs.


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