Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Find and fix problems before your customers do by running synthetic monitoring tests on any kind of web application to detect issues with site availability, browser response time, page load time, and JavaScript errors.

Ensure Your Site is Optimized

With real-time dashboards for monitoring—and detailed historical performance reports—your teams can test, deploy, and track changes with confidence.

synthetic overview

Track Performance from Real Browsers

Simulate real user paths and be alerted the second any problem arises. Drill down for insights on where customers may experience errors and stop revenue-impacting issues before they happen.

synthetic error state

Visualize How Your Web Pages Load

Aggregate performance waterfalls, web page filmstrips, and screenshots from synthetic tests help you fine-tune the loading order of all your first- and third-party content before you deploy changes.

synthetic filmstrip

Find JavaScript Functions Slowing You Down

Visualize the performance and loading order of your first- and third-party JS functions. See where these functions load in relation to other files to better diagnose performance issues.

synthetic waterfall

Network Health Checks

Network Health Checks are configurable synthetic monitors that can run with a variety of different protocols. Your networking team can see data related to these measurements—including MTR reports—along with other custom widgets for real time monitoring.

synthetic network

Monitor Critical APIs

Ensure all of your APIs and their dependencies are up and running, even in complex cloud/hybrid environments.

synthetic API check

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