Be more confident that your network is performing its most vital task: Delivering business-critical apps to end users

End users and business owners depend on healthy applications, and those applications depend on a healthy network. However, today’s networks are immensely complicated, and keeping track of configuration, capacity, and compliance can almost be an impossible task.

Gain better visibility into your network infrastructure and operations with the Network Infrastructure Audit Service from Riverbed Professional Services (RPS). Using Riverbed Unified Network Planning and Configuration Management solutions, RPS will quickly assess the state of your network configuration, gather detailed information from your network devices, perform a vendor-agnostic audit, and provide recommendations for upgrades and best practices for improving network operations.

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Network Infrastructure Audit Services

You will get to know your network


Why should your organization engage us for the Network Infrastructure Audit Service?

  • Discover, document, and audit your network to help realize tighter security and regulatory compliance
  • Improve network operations with accurate, up-to-date inventory, configuration, and compliance reports
  • Reduce network-related outages to help keep costs in check and users productive
  • Accelerate and improve network planning activities to better support evolving business demands

Migration Assessment Service

Move apps without impacting user experience with a project plan based on live traffic, not outdated diagrams

Performance Consultant

Enhance your digital experience and performance management maturity.


Ready to get started?

Gain enhanced visibility, improve network operations, and better support business needs with the Network Infrastructure Audit Service.
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