Deliver superior digital experiences to all your users, across all apps and devices


Gain a complete view of the digital experience

Gain a complete view of the digital experience

You need a clear understanding of how digital services are performing and impacting the business. This includes capturing the perspective that matters most: your end users’. Riverbed’s solution collects detailed performance analytics across all devices, apps, networks, and infrastructure for a holistic view of the digital experience of your customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

These metrics are then blended and correlated to provide role-specific insights for all your stakeholders, revealing adoption patterns and impacts on revenue, productivity, and user satisfaction.


consistently delivery high performing digital services

Consistently deliver high-performing digital services  

Performance problems can pop up anywhere across the software development lifecycle and complex application delivery chains. But with powerful analytics spanning all domains, you can proactively identify and resolve problems before they negatively impact end users and the business.

Unified views of performance enhance cross-team collaboration when troubleshooting issues, leading to faster mean time to repair and freeing your teams to focus on optimizing digital service delivery.


Develop frequent, high-quality releases

Develop frequent, high-quality releases

Pinpointing opportunities for developing new or improved features is critical for customer satisfaction and retention. Riverbed provides business-relevant insights to help you prioritize development efforts and ensure new releases continue to meet user and business requirements.

And by integrating performance monitoring into your DevOps tool chain, teams can move faster without sacrificing quality by detecting and resolving code-level bugs, predicting service behavior in various environments, and ensuring new releases are optimized for production.

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