Gain a complete view of your network environment to identify what’s an anomaly and what’s an attack

Performance and situational awareness are key to mission success. Agencies are expanding their networks to support remote and virtual environments — creating more points of access, and more points of risk. Without real-time visibility to all network, app and device activity, you can’t detect and remediate threats fast enough to maintain top performance.

While cybersecurity deals with what’s already happened, Riverbed enables cyber resilience—the ability to respond and recover based on what’s happening now, and what’s likely to happen next. Riverbed helps IT teams minimize security’s effect on network performance while complementing existing security programs with complete visibility and FISMA compliance.

As a result, you can proactively prevent and troubleshoot potentially catastrophic events before they can do critical damage. High analytic precision filters out false positives so you’re working with truly actionable intelligence — letting you zero-in on real threats quickly and effectively.


Riverbed’s solutions offer:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Anomaly detection and reporting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Threat modeling

Together, these capabilities help agencies find, triage, mitigate and predict threats in real time, from every angle — so they can continue to operate at optimal performance levels.



A Department of Defense Uniformed Service Branch wanted to model a simulated DDoS attack on its IT infrastructure, taking into account the nation’s public sector, private sector and critical infrastructure IT resources. Its goal was twofold: To assess what effects minor, medium or major DDoS attacks would have across the network, and to collect network traffic data to both help detect and mitigate real-life scenarios.



Using its unified visibility solutions, Riverbed was able to benchmark network data in a “no attack” scenario, then track the relative increases in response times across increasingly severe DDoS attacks.



In the most severe attack scenario, with 34 infected network nodes, Riverbed uncovered generated DDoS network traffic in excess of 2Mbs, rendering a total denial of service to military hardware and 100 percent CPU utilization for the duration of the attack.

Using this information, the military customer was able to create DDoS attack templates and deploy advanced warning systems to harden the network against real-life attack.


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