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Empower and enable a work-from-anywhere workforce
hybrid work

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Working?

The advantages of hybrid work include increased flexibility, improved work-life balance, cost savings, and access to a broader talent pool. Hybrid work can also lead to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and reduced carbon footprint.

With hybrid work models the new normal, organizations must deliver a consistent, reliable, and secure digital experience to employees, even as they access data and applications from different locations, devices, and networks.
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Increasing expectations

Employees demand consumer-like experiences for IT

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Distributed environment

Performance factors outside of IT’s direct control

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Complex infrastructure

Loss of visibility and increasing cybersecurity threats


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Measure employee experience

Get insight into employee digital experience and the performance of the apps, devices, and networks on which they depend.

Accelerate apps across the dispersed enterprise

Overcome network performance inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and suboptimal last-mile conditions to speed up app performance.

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Observability for Hybrid Work

Leverage AI/ML and workflow automation to troubleshoot remote work issues faster and easier.

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Solution brief

Monitoring Remote Work and SSE Environments


Improve network resiliency and security

Get 100% visibility of every packet, flow, and networked devices to resolve performance problems and mitigate security risks.

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7 Facts That Will Help You Better Enable Your Remote Workforce


Measure employee experience

Get insight into employee digital experience and the performance of the apps, devices and networks on which they depend

Accelerate app performance

Extend optimization to laptops for 33x faster app performance and accelerate enterprise SaaS apps by up to 10x

Intelligent IT Automation

Use automation to gain IT efficiency, quality, and speed while reducing costs.


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