Benefits of Trade Up Program

Existing customers can benefit from financial incentives through our Trade Up Program. We’ll enable your organization to successfully upgrade Riverbed products or migrate to new platforms with the experience and expertise of our renowned support team. Our products are available in a variety of form factors to provide choice and flexibility for nearly any deployment configuration.

The Riverbed Trade Up Program provides credit for trade ups. For each appliance you refresh under the terms of the program, we will offer significant financial credit toward the purchase of a replacement appliance. And through our partnership with M-Cubed, you can recycle your older appliances at no cost.

AppResponse & NetShark
NetProfiler & Flow Gateway

Keep your SteelHead appliance deployment up-to-date with advanced products:

  • SteelHead CX 80 Series – tailor-made for the digital hybrid enterprise. Trade up from the SteelHead CX 55 or 70 Series
  • SteelCentral Controller Virtual Edition for SteelHead –– more performance and flexibility with virtual offerings. Trade up from the CMC 800x, 8150, and SCC 1000

Trade up your AppResponse xx70 or older models for the new Riverbed AppResponse and get:

  • 40%+ increase in performance in key areas
  • Up to 50% higher storage capacity
  • New 100GbE NIC card
  • New 120TB Storage Unit for a total of 1.92PB of storage
  • Plus, an attractive credit toward the purchase of a new AppResponse!

Trade up to the latest NetProfiler and Flow Gateway for significantly increased power and scale:


  • 50% increase in scale with support up to 30M deduplicated flows per minute (FPM)
  • 30% increase in reporting performance
  • Seamless growth path by simply adding FPM licenses and Expansion modules. No need to replace hardware or licenses.

Flow Gateway

  • 50% increase in scale with support for up to 6M deduplicated FPM
  • Double the random-access memory (RAM)
  • Optional dual 10GbE Fiber NIC helpful for processing higher incoming flow rates

Trade up you Riverbed NetCollector to Riverbed NetIM and gain the following new capabilities:

  • Modern, cloud-native, containerized architecture for scale and performance
  • Modern, mobile-friendly user interface
  • New operator home page and search manager
  • Supports SNMP, WMI, IP SLA, CLI, synthetic testing, and streaming
  • Events collection; Alert suppression
  • Real-time stateful topology with information overlays
  • At-a-glance insights and curated views into site, group, device, and interface info
  • And more…

How to Recycle

How to Recycle Your Trade Up Gear

Customers/Partners must log in to the Support Portal and go to the Trade Up page in order to certify that the products have been recycled/retired in accordance with local environmental standards and will no longer be used in a production environment. They also need to certify that the products have been traded up for new Riverbed products under the terms of the Trade Up Program.

Riverbed will provide credit for the unused maintenance support for the retired or recycled product(s). Failure to meet the terms and conditions of the Trade Up Program may result in the loss of discounts/credits on product purchased through it.

Customers and partners have two options for letting Riverbed know that their Trade Up gear has been removed:

  • Certificate of retirement: To certify, through the Trade Up page on the support portal, the self-destruction of the traded up units in accordance with local environmental standards.
  • Certificate of recycling: To certify, through the Trade Up page on the support portal, recycling traded up units through M-Cubed, the Riverbed’s preferred recycling partner.

How to submit a product to be recycled/retired.

  • M-Cubed will reply with 2 business days.
  • M-cubed will provide shipping details and a tag number for future reference.
  • Shipping materials are not included.

All questions related to the destruction of Trade Up units, including support credit memos, should be sent to:

See our Terms and Conditions

Credit amount varies based on the appliance you are recycling and the new appliance you purchase to replace such older appliances. Credit amount may also vary based on any special pricing or other promotional offers made available on the sale of the new replacement appliance. Please contact your Riverbed authorized partner for more information.

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