Key Benefits of Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk for Digital Employee Experience

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises face the constant challenge of enhancing digital employee experiences while optimizing their IT operations. The surge in workspace applications and heightened service expectations among digital nomads has led to a critical rise in incident volume and complexity. Overwhelmed Service Desks struggle with ticket loads, causing inefficient resource allocation, inconsistent IT service, and increased costs. Short-staffed IT teams often focus on non-impactful monitoring events, prolonging issue resolution and increasing error rates. Traditional automated solutions often fall short, offering limited capabilities and narrowly focused remediation scripts. Furthermore, without streamlined user feedback, employee frustration goes unnoticed, preventing IT from gaining a complete understanding of the situation.

Enter Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk, a game-changer in the realm of IT automation. Aternity’s AI-powered Intelligent Service Desk proactively addresses recurring device issues before they become tickets. With the use of its LogiQ Engine and customizable runbooks, Aternity replicates advanced investigations by correlating end-user impact and real-time performance data to pinpoint incident root causes. Aternity dynamically models expert decision-making and integrates sentiment survey into its remediation workflows, resolving issues before human intervention.

Here are eight compelling reasons why your enterprise should embrace this transformative technology:

Prevent incidents

With its AI-enabled issue detection and correlation, Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk proactively identifies application and device issues before they escalate into full-blown incidents. Aternity employs the right combination of remediation actions, decision-making and user feedback to effectively resolve an issue before a ticket is raised. This prevents service disruptions, keeping your workforce productive while eliminating costs associated with raising a ticket.

Improve AI outcomes

With Aternity’s full-fidelity telemetry, embedded AI and intelligent automation, IT can expect superior outcomes in incident resolution. Many DEX tools often lack the granularity required to pinpoint underlying issues accurately. To make the most of AI models, companies need DEX platforms that can ingest and correlate large amounts of data across devices, applications, and the network. Furthermore, effective AI/ML models require data that is centralized, complete, granular, and stable to map dependencies and build contextual models. With its ability to process high fidelity data, Aternity delivers intelligence and precision for remediation.

Intelligently ticket with your ITSM tools

Aternity seamlessly integrates with existing IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, such as ServiceNow. For any unresolved issues that are more complex or nuanced, Aternity will create, escalate and route a ticket with the right priority to the right team. By feeding user-centric and dynamic insights directly into tickets, Aternity streamlines the ticketing process, significantly reducing time associated with manual diagnostics while ensuring swift resolution.

Empower human ingenuity

Human decision fatigue is a major challenge due to the overwhelming volume of tasks and information. AI offers a solution by enhancing decision-making through intelligent automation and insights. By automating repetitive, low-value tasks, organizations can reduce decision fatigue, empowering Digital Workplace teams to proactively address digital experience issues and expedite decision-making. With its Intelligent Service Desk capabilities, Aternity frees up time for employees so they can focus on innovation and creativity.

Improve the voice of the user

By integrating user feedback into its Intelligent Service Desk workflows, Aternity ensures that the voice of the user is heard. Effective response to user feedback is paramount in driving positive DEX outcomes. Traditional feedback mechanisms often suffer from inefficiencies, with critical insights getting lost in the noise of irrelevant data. Sentiment surveys enable organizations to correlate and streamline user feedback processes. By prioritizing and resolving issues based on user feedback and impact, Aternity improves user happiness.

Improve energy efficiency

As part of its Sustainable IT capabilities, Aternity offers automation and actionable insights for managing energy consumption and carbon emissions at both the individual and organization level. By proactively addressing device issues and optimizing performance, Aternity helps improve energy efficiency across your enterprise. With Aternity Intelligent Service Desk, enterprises can automate power settings on devices based on consumption patterns or the user’s profile.

Reduce IT costs

By automating and resolving recurring issues, Aternity helps reduce IT costs significantly through incident prevention. Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk capabilities have helped enterprises save more than $10 Million dollars annually through a reduction in ticket volume, proactive outreach and decrease in manual tasks.

Implement a VIP Service Desk

With Aternity’s customizable runbooks and self-service remediation capabilities, enterprises can implement a VIP Service Desk tailored to the needs of valuable users. By delivering higher service levels and personalized support based on user status or location, Aternity helps enhance the digital experience for VIP users, driving increased loyalty and satisfaction.

By leveraging intelligent automation, AI-driven insights, and seamless integration with ITSM tools, Aternity Intelligent Service Desk empowers organizations and Service Desk teams. This technology sets a new standard for proactive, user-centered IT service, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately fostering a more productive, satisfied workforce. In a world where digital agility and resilience are paramount, Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk is essential for enterprises aiming to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

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