Take Network Monitoring to Its Full Potential with Riverbed Professional Services

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In today’s hyper-connected world, networks serve as the backbone of every organization, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer.

However, maintaining a robust and secure infrastructure is no small feat. With the increasing complexity of networks and the ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations are turning to monitoring solutions–like Riverbed Unified Observability from Riverbed–to ensure their IT suite runs smoothly and securely.

And while we pride Riverbed on being a comprehensive with an intuitive user interface, empowering IT teams and making their jobs simpler, it’s easy to miss out on the full potential of the powerful portfolio. That’s where Riverbed Professional Services comes in.

Why choose a network monitoring system?

Network monitoring solutions are critical tools that allow organizations to gain real-time insights into the performance, availability, and security of their network infrastructure. These solutions collect data from various network devices–such as routers, switches, firewalls, and servers–and provide administrators with a holistic view of network health.

Monitoring solutions can be used to:

  • Proactively detect issues, identifying and addressing problems before they impact productivity or cause downtime
  • Improve security, scouring networks for anomalies to prevent breaches and unauthorized access
  • Optimize resources based on real-time data, leading to better overall performance
  • Analyze historical data, which can be valuable for trend analysis and capacity planning
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing detailed reports on network activity

Why add Professional Services?

Deploying any network monitoring solution, including Riverbed Unified Observability, involves several complex tasks. These include hardware and software installation, deploying virtual instances, configuration, integration with existing network infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance.

Riverbed is also highly personalized to each organization’s unique setup and needs. So, certain elements need to be tinkered with and tailored to boost their output and effects. All of this can be tricky without the relevant in-house resource–and for so many businesses, their only internal IT support comes in the form of security staff, engineers, and a help desk.

Luckily, Riverbed Professional Services is here to help. The service sees our experts work in collaboration with customers, exploring their pain points and current architecture before deploying the necessary solutions in a way that works for them, solves their biggest challenges, drives valuable digital transformation, and provides tangible return on investment moving forward.

Professional Services encompasses a wide range of activities that are crucial for the optimum deployment of any Riverbed solution, including Riverbed Unified Observability, Riverbed Network Observability, and Riverbed WAN Optimization. These activities comprise:

  • Assessment and planning: Our Professional Services professionals start by assessing an organization’s network environment, goals, and specific monitoring needs. They then create a tailored deployment plan to meet these objectives.
  • Hardware and software selection: Choosing the right hardware and software network monitoring components is critical for the success of any monitoring solution. Our network pros can evaluate and recommend the best-fit options for the organization, based on specific requirements and budget.
  • Installation and configuration: Once monitoring components are selected, our consultants handle the installation and configuration of the solution, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure.
  • Customization: Every organization has unique monitoring needs. Our experts can customize the solution to monitor specific devices, protocols, and performance metrics.
  • Integration: In many cases, monitoring solutions must integrate with other elements–like ticketing systems and security information and event management (SIEM) platforms. Our consultants ensure smooth integration to minimize downtime and maximize value.
  • Training and knowledge transfer: Proper training is essential to empower in-house IT teams to use their monitoring solution effectively. Professional Services provides training and hosts knowledge transfer sessions to ensure the organization can get the best out of its network, today and tomorrow.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Finally, our experts offer ongoing support and maintenance services, including updates, patches, and troubleshooting assistance. They also help organizations adapt the Riverbed monitoring solution to their evolving network needs.

Maximize your investment with Riverbed Professional Services

A global logistics company deployed Riverbed Network Observability to monitor business-critical applications and services, troubleshoot performance bottlenecks across the company, and gain end-to-end visibility across its IT environment. The organization opted to use Riverbed Professional Services, and is seeing the benefit. Five years ago, 20% of its revenue was digital; now, it’s over 90%. As the company continues on its digital journey, having a scalable and reliable network infrastructure is critical.

In conclusion, network monitoring solutions, like those delivered by Riverbed, are indispensable for modern organizations seeking to maintain a stable and secure network. But deploying and customizing these solutions requires a deep understanding of network architecture and the specific needs of the organization. By engaging Professional Services, organizations can ensure their monitoring solutions are tailored to their unique requirements and deployed effectively–proactively managing their networks, enhancing security, and optimizing performance. This ultimately leads to increased efficiency and competitiveness in the digital landscape, so it’s well worth the investment.

The Riverbed portfolio is constantly being developed and improved to support the latest network security standards and provide visibility into today’s rapidly evolving, complex IT environments. With the help of Professional Services, it can take your organization even further–fast and fuss-free. Visit our website to learn more.

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