SVD Büromanagement GmbH

SVD transforms customer experience with Riverbed and Schoeller Networks.
Designers are discussing related to upcoming network architecture.


  • Service quality was not measurable
  • SVD was only able to offer customers basic Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Difficult to evaluate applications from the user’s perspective


  • Faster troubleshooting due to high fidelity data
  • Clear dashboard provisioning resulting in ongoing application improvement
  • Evaluation of performance for end-users
  • Preliminary testing of new applications


SVD Büromanagement GmbH (SVD) is a service provider to the national social insurance institutions in Austria. The company supplies outsourced back-office services to social insurance schemes such as SVA, BVA, SVB and VAEB. Services include construction, procurement, print services, facility management, cleaning services and information and communication technology.

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) division of SVD is responsible for providing all IT services at 30 locations, as well as operating two data centers. Each social insurance company has its own IT department responsible for application development.

With its existing IT monitoring systems, SVD has had little opportunity to evaluate the applications from approximately 4,500 connected users. The tools were able to monitor performance, but were unable to expose or diagnose root causes when problems occurred.



Riverbed® AppResponse

Riverbed® Portal

• Riverbed® Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Riverbed AppResponse gives us a single viewpoint from which we have complete end-to-end visibility. We’re able to monitor the application stack, network, systems and the user experience delivered in real-time.

Markus Tacho, Head of IT Operations

SVD Büromanagement GmbH

This innovative project was very demanding and required excellent communication between all parties. Thanks to the collaboration between Riverbed, Schoeller and SVD, the project was implemented quickly and with great success.

Markus Tacho, Head of IT Operations

SVD Büromanagement GmbH

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