Network Performance Metrics That Matter

Seven Essential Metrics to Keep Your Applications Running at Peak Performance

When you’re evaluating your network performance, there are several different metrics that you can analyze. Not every metric is going to be important for you to look at. So, how do you narrow down the ones that actually matter?

Join Riverbed as we share the seven essential network performance metrics that your company absolutely should monitor to keep your networks and applications running at peak performance.

We will discuss:

  • How different metrics affect performance?
  • Are retransmissions a network problem?
  • Ping versus round trip time
  • What does network congestion look like?
  • Is it the server, the network, or something else?

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nathan godsall

Nathan Godsall

Director, Solutions Engineering Riverbed Technology
leigh finch

Leigh Finch

Distinguished Performance Consultant Riverbed Technology

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