Real-time network packet analysis

Sometimes when you have network issues, you can solve them with metrics. Other times, for instance with security issues or intermittent problems, you may need to dive into packet details. That’s where network packet analyzer tools come into play. Alluvio Packet Analyzer Plus speeds real-time network packet analysis and reporting of large trace files using an intuitive graphical user interface and a broad selection of pre-defined analysis views. Use Alluvio Packet Analyzer Plus with Riverbed AppResponse or any locally-presented trace files to quickly identify and troubleshoot complex network and application performance issues down to the bit level through full integration with Wireshark.

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Benefits of real-time network packet analysis tools

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Fast, easy answers

Simply drag and drop preconfigured “analysis views” onto a group of virtual interfaces (VIFGs) or a packet trace file, and see the results immediately. What once took hours to find and understand is revealed in just seconds. Using an extensive collection of analysis views, you will easily discover the root cause of any network issue.

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Go deep into the packets

Use Alluvio Packet Analyzer Plus as a searchlight to help quickly identify issues when millions of packets need to be analyzed. Once the correct packets are identified, send them to embedded Wireshark® for decoding or to Riverbed Transaction Analyzer for transaction analysis.

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Multi-segment analysis

Alluvio Packet Analyzer Plus makes it easy to capture and merge multiple trace files so you can more easily pinpoint where problems are happening across multiple segments.

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Microburst analysis

Microbursts can saturate a gigabit network and cause significant damage. That’s why you need to be able to zoom into a 100-microsecond view of the network and identify these utilization spikes or “microbursts”. Alluvio Packet Analyzer Plus lets you easily do that.

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