Collect and analyze all NetFlow data

Get informed and accurate insight on full-fidelity NetFlow data. Incorporating flow data into a comprehensive monitoring strategy lets you to make the most of your monitoring investments, while optimizing total cost of ownership. Accurate flow collection is necessary if you truly want to understand your network. In today’s distributed network environments, it can be difficult to collect NetFlow data quickly from different devices. Riverbed Flow Gateway collects flow data from your standard routers and switches, etc., as well as Riverbed AppResponse and SteelHead devices so you get end-to-end network insights. The flow data the Riverbed Flow Gateway collects is deduplicated and sent to NetProfiler for enterprise analysis and reporting.

eliminating network performance

Eliminating Network Performance Visibility Gaps

Addressing the value of available sources for network status and performance and to help eliminate visibility gaps that may you currently be experiencing in solving performance issues

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Benefits of Riverbed Flow Gateway

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Supports all popular Flow types

Supports all popular flow metrics from NetFlow, IPFIX, Enhanced NetFlow, NBAR, sFlow, J-Flow, cFlow, Packeteer FDR, Citrix AppFlow, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco NBAR2, MediaNet, ASA NSEL, AWS VPC Flow Logs, Azure NSG Flow Logs and Riverbed SteelFlow from SteelHead appliances.

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De-duplicates flows for accuracy

Riverbed Flow Gateway aggregates and removes duplicate flows for accuracy of reporting before sending them to Riverbed NetProfiler for analysis and reporting.

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Scales easily

Riverbed Flow Gateway deploys in your data center, or multiple appliances can be deployed regionally for scalability and improved performance. In either case, Riverbed Flow Gateway forwards all de-duplicated flows to a centrally located Riverbed NetProfiler for analysis.

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Tracks 100% of all flow traffic

Get the same easy-to-use NetFlow collection and monitoring across on-prem, virtual, and multi-cloud environments. Collect and store all flows, all the time – no sampling. Simplify your hybrid troubleshooting and reduce your network and application blind spots by up to 53%.

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