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When phones are unreliable, business can fail

Your internal users rely on reliable and always-available communications to work collaboratively and interact with customers. It is critical to invest in a unified communication (UC) management and VoIP solution that allows you to detect problems before they impact your users, and reduces the impact of service outages when they do occur.

  • Enhance video and voice collaboration applications, social media, messaging capabilities and mobile applications reliability across your entire business 
  • Improve user productivity through effective collaboration and reduced help desk calls
  • Continuously monitor the quality of unified communications to spot and fix problems before they ever become an issue for your customers


Video and VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting

A poor video experience can quickly lead to dissatisfied employees and a high volume of help desk calls. Riverbed UCExpert VoIP monitoring solutions monitor video streams in real-time, and detect video quality problems by isolating the root cause of poor-quality video flow.

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) can help organizations reduce telecommunications operating costs while delivering the high call quality that users expect. How­ever, ensuring call quality requires effective management, including a moni­toring solution that will identify issues and enable rapid troubleshooting.


Keep business users connected and productive

“SteelCentral products simply offer us an incomparable insight into our network and the performance of business-critical applications. In this way, we can ensure that network performance is always optimal and our employees can work without any problems”  Andreas Mayer, Network Administrator at Würth

The benefits of VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting:

  • Find and fix end-user impacting problems before they are reported 
  • Reduce costs by detecting toll fraud and other non-compliant calls 
  • Reduce credits for SLA violations and improve service levels to customers 
  • Decrease reaction time and mean time to repair (MTTR) 
  • Eliminate the cost and maintenance of unused gateway, server, and device resources 
  • Utilize intelligent policy based traffic control for predictable levels of performance
  • Scale video applications for high availability during peak usage
  • Highlight video performance problems in real-time so that you can solve them faster


Customer Story

Proactive VoIP Monitoring Improves Performance of Business-Critical Voice Communications

Proactive VoIP Monitoring improves performance of business-critical voice communications for the The Riverside Company

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