New KPIs to Manage the Hybrid Work Experience

Learn how to measure and prioritize what really matters for employee digital experience.

Measuring employee experience can be a daunting task for IT teams managing a hybrid workforce. Even with the right tools in place, improving productivity and managing employee satisfaction is extremely challenging. To be successful, you need to develop an actionable plan designed to accomplish KPIs that are backed by real data.

In this short eBook, we discuss:

  • The main categories of what you can measure
  • A better way to measure what matters
  • Setting the bar for success
  • Putting a plan into place with Full Spectrum DEM

“According to the Riverbed Hybrid Work Global Survey 2021, 94% of respondents agree a hybrid work environment helps recruit talent and remain competitive in the future, with 45% of BDMs and 50% of ITDMs saying yes, significantly.”

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