Measuring End User Experiences to Ensure Mission Success

When the “Fix My Computer” social post went viral in early 2022, instead of dismissing or ignoring, the reaction from U.S. Air Force leadership was to embrace the idea that improving end user experiences and IT performance was critical for mission success.

Join our moderator, Howard Wahlberg, Correspondent with SIGNAL Media to hear how Riverbed’s Air Force customer, Lloyd “Colt” Whittall, Chief Experience Officer, United States Air Force embraced the call to improve end user experiences and monitor the performance of the devices, applications and network deployed throughout the Air Force’s IT enterprise to:

  • Rapidly improve the performance, productivity, and mission-readiness of end users
  • Identify problem areas to analyze with diagnostic tools
  • Tracks the impact of efforts to improve performance and reliability
  • Tests efficacy of solutions/improvements

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