Budget Getting Tight? How to Reduce IT Costs Without Sacrificing User Experience

Gartner reported in its “Quick Answer: What Can IT Leaders Do to Counter Endpoint Cost Inflation?” report from October 2022 that that 73% of IT leaders are being asked to find ways to reduce spend. Meanwhile, that same report found that device costs are up 20% since the beginning of 2021. Gartner also forecasted that public cloud spending would increase 21% this year.

This whitepaper dives into why IT budgets are tighter than ever and how IT teams can strategically reduce costs without sacrificing user experience, productivity or digital transformation initiatives by:

  • Shifting to a smart device refresh strategy that relies on device performance and user experience, instead of age
  • Identifying unused and underused software licenses to reign in bloated software spend
  • Streamlining cloud traffic to reduce cloud egress and transport costs

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