Better Service Through XLAs

Go beyond uptime and availability to measure what users actually see, for Every app in your enterprise portfolio.

SLAs based on infrastructure availability or network latency metrics don’t really ensure applications support your business. An XLA (Experience Level Agreement) is a better approach. But improving service with an XLA requires visibility into the end user’s actual experience of ALL of the applications on which they depend.

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Measure what matters to the business

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Achieve Business Goals

Document compliance to business targets

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Manage Variation

Numerous factors affect IT performance


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Baseline “Click to Render” Time

Monitor users’ interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow, to set thresholds for the time required to look up a patient record, execute a trade, etc.

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Set Proactive Alerts on Business-driven Thresholds

Establish targets for acceptable performance for business processes and get alerts when they’re violated.

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Avoid the Blame Game

Isolate the source of delay to client device, network, or back-end, for EVERY app in the portfolio, to quickly escalate the ticket to right group.

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Reduce Mean Time to Repair

Resolve app issues quickly with 1-click drill-down into the application back-end for every transaction.

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