Experience Level Agreements

Set excellent end user experience as the basis of your continuous improvement program
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Walk a mile in your users’ shoes. Streamlining employee productivity and customer service requires ensuring excellent performance of all your business-critical apps.
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Measure what matters to the business

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Achieve business goals

Track performance against business targets

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Manage variation

Numerous factors affect performance


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Deliver Better Service Through XLAs

Use Experience Level Agreements to track compliance of business critical apps to performance thresholds based on business processes

Incorporate Qualitative Feedback

Gather employee sentiment to identify when IT experience doesn’t meet expectations

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Correlate App Performance to Device and Network Performance

Identify trends in how app performance varies by geographic location, device resources, WiFi and network performance

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Trace Performance Issues to The Application Service

Use distributed transaction tracing to identify issues in the cloud-native environment

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Application Performance Monitoring

Simplified high-definition APM visibility leveraging Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and OpenTelemetry


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