Digital Health Webinar with PAH & Riverbed

Saving Princess Alexandra Trust up to £1M over 4 years with Alluvio Aternity

Healthcare IT services can be delivered more efficiently and smoothly when this information is available to the IT team. The ability to receive pro-active alerts for critical issues allows your trust to provide users with self-remediation options or remote fixes. Therefore, you are fixing the problem before the end-user even notices it, resulting in fewer service desk tickets and happier clinicians.

The Princess Alexandra Trust achieves the following through Riverbed:

  • O365 Performance:
    • Compare O365 response times and performance for Office Applications across different devices and locations.
    • Highlighting poor performance and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Optimizing end-user/clinician experience:
    • Mitigate Risk of Change by validating the business impact on device, application, and user experience
    • Reduce the cost of devices by benchmarking user experience across deployed devices.
    • ESG & Carbon impact assessment – reducing IT’s carbon impact.
    • Develop smart device refresh report – helping your Trust understand which devices need replacing rather than automatically doing so.

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