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In today’s fast-paced business world, delivering a superior digital experience is essential for driving employee productivity, satisfaction, and customer experience. IT departments are constantly seeking ways to improve digital experiences, but the challenge lies in understanding users’ perceptions of device and application performance.

A recent Forrester Report states, “while many organizations focus on tools to measure and enhance DEX, the path to success starts long before the tools discussions. Your strategy must embrace a flexible philosophy for happier employees. Then you can explore a variety of technologies to fulfill that vision.” To truly understand the complete digital experience, IT teams need to correlate qualitative employee feedback with full-fidelity quantitative performance metrics.

This is where Aternity Sentiment comes in.

Introducing Aternity Sentiment

Aternity Sentiment empowers IT teams to identify user experience issues, take targeted prescriptive actions, and enhance employee productivity, satisfaction, service quality, and overall business performance. By tightly correlating quantitative and qualitative measures, Aternity Sentiment offers the most comprehensive view of the digital employee experience, setting a new standard for DEX.

Watch the video to learn how Aternity Sentiment empowers total experience management from employees to customers:

Explore benefits of Aternity Sentiment

Empower employees and drive productivity to improve business performance

Aternity Sentiment significantly enhances employee engagement and productivity, leading to improved business performance. By capturing real-time feedback through tailored surveys, Sentiment complements existing Aternity application and device performance data, offering a comprehensive understanding of employee satisfaction. This approach allows IT teams to pinpoint areas that require improvement and implement targeted measures to optimize the digital experience. The use of flexible survey components ensures an accurate assessment of user satisfaction across various devices and locations. Ultimately, this empowers employees and drives productivity, resulting in better overall business performance.

Accelerate digital transformation adoption with targeted employee engagement

Digital transformation is a complex process that requires broad adoption of new technologies and processes across organizational boundaries. Employee acceptance is crucial for successful technology and process changes. Aternity Sentiment facilitates this acceptance by providing workflow integration of qualitative telemetry and analysis in the context of actual user data. Customized branding and precise timing of survey deployment to targeted user groups foster user trust and raise response rates. By engaging employees and addressing their concerns, Aternity Sentiment accelerates the adoption of digital transformation initiatives, ensuring your organization remains competitive and agile.

Deliver total experience management for a comprehensive view of employee and customer experience

 Aternity Sentiment enhances Aternity’s total experience management capabilities, providing a comprehensive view of both employee and customer experiences. Aternity’s unique click-to-render insights, end-user experience data, and user journey analytics offer valuable customer insights. By integrating Sentiment’s qualitative feedback with these capabilities, Aternity enables IT teams to rapidly isolate the cause of delays, uncover hidden issues, and optimize the overall digital experience. This holistic approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for employees and customers alike, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Manage IT more proactively and efficiently with real-time feedback collection

 Aternity Sentiment extends Aternity’s proactive incident management by offering an early warning system through periodic, real-time feedback collection. As a result, IT Operation teams can quickly identify problems before they become systemic, widespread issues. This proactive approach reduces downtime, prevents loss of productivity, and helps maintain a positive user experience. In addition, Sentiment’s trending analysis of qualitative feedback helps identify patterns in user behavior, uncover recurring or common issues, and track service quality improvement efforts. This empowers IT teams to make data-driven decisions and manage resources more efficiently.

Improve IT service quality by implementing experience-level agreements (XLAs)

Aternity Sentiment supports organizations implementing XLA metrics, which focus on employee experience and understanding how IT influences productivity. Unlike traditional SLAs that measure transactional metrics by department, XLAs emphasize the importance of a positive employee experience. With Sentiment’s out-of-the-box and customizable surveys, organizations can analyze survey responses by various attributes and correlate employee satisfaction with device and application performance. This enables IT and LOB leaders to measure the productivity impact of technology changes, determine why a user (or group) may prefer one application over another, and analyze trends in the context of business processes. As a result, leaders can make informed decisions to improve policies, prioritize investments, and identify skills gaps, ultimately enhancing IT service quality and driving better business outcomes.

Sentiment is a game-changer for DEX, providing organizations with the ability to correlate qualitative employee feedback with quantitative performance metrics. This innovative approach empowers IT teams to deliver better digital experiences, drive productivity, and improve overall business performance.

Don’t let your organization fall behind—embrace the future of DEX with Aternity DEM. Learn more by visiting riverbed.com/DEX.

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