Effective Network Performance for Better Business Resilience

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Whether you are a small business or a major enterprise, network performance can make or break a business of any size. Now that networks are stretched far beyond the data center, maintaining a consistent level of performance in branches, campuses or even the cloud is massively challenging. To add to that pile, with users connecting from various locations, their expectation is that the network is always on and available.

With network performance and user experience as mission critical initiatives, IT teams are constantly under the microscope. When NetOps teams lack visibility into their applications, servers, and cloud-native environments, they’re unable to correctly troubleshoot network issues like unchecked security threats, application slowdowns and other performance issues. For hybrid networks, a lack of visibility often stems from insight latency. The speed and clarity with which insights are delivered can be the difference between prompt action and a large outage.

Why performance is a pillar of business resilience

Little do people know what it takes to keep these modern hybrid networks going! Performance across the network is critical. This makes performance a key pillar of business resilience. Business resilience is the ability of a company to adapt and recover quickly from unexpected disruptions.

In today’s digital world, network performance management (NPM) plays a crucial role in ensuring business resilience. By effectively managing network performance, companies can build a more resilient network infrastructure that can withstand unexpected disruptions and provide a consistent user experience.

Effective monitoring, testing, and optimization of the network can help identify and resolve performance issues, such as bottlenecks, latency, or packet loss. Ensuring that the network is performing optimally can help avoid disruptions and provide a consistent user experience.

Elevate your network’s visibility and performance

The Riverbed NPM portfolio delivers increased business resilience, enabling and accelerating operational transformation from legacy to hybrid and multi-cloud networks. Our solution helps IT teams adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding people, assets, and overall brand equity.

Unlike other NPM solutions, Riverbed NPM delivers granular visibility across network domains with full-fidelity data, extracted from packets, flows and device metrics giving insight across hybrid environments. With new performance enhancements like increased data capabilities, faster processing rates and third-party vendor support, Riverbed NPM sees more telemetry than ever before allowing real time visibility across networks, servers, applications, and the cloud.

New Riverbed NPM performance enhancements help address growing network demands and mitigate compromising network events by delivering full fidelity insights at lightning-fast speed to NetOps and SecOps teams. Corporate mandates require an IT environment that is nimble to accommodate new business requirements, particularly now that networks are evolving beyond the data center. The shift to complex, multi-cloud networks is driving the need for greater scalability, accelerated insights, integration enhancements and increased performance.

For more information on business resilience and how the Riverbed Network Performance Management portfolio can help your organization, please visit this page.

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