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Today’s modern hybrid workplace and work styles present unique challenges for companies. If these challenges are not met it can threaten business continuity, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and engagement, as well as the successful execution of business-critical initiatives. For example, networks are increasingly complex having migrated from on-prem, MPLS solutions to supporting mobility and internet-based applications. And now, they leverage remote, mobile, on-prem and edge capabilities with Cloud/SaaS, Internet, MPLS, and SASE. Plus, employees, partners, and customers expect “always on” 24/7 digital support. Sound familiar? Read on to see how Riverbed’s Acceleration solutions can help!

Get results with Riverbed Acceleration

To meet all of these challenges, companies need accessible, secure, encrypted, and high-performing applications.

Riverbed Acceleration solutions provide fast, agile, secure acceleration of any app over any network to users, whether mobile, remote, or in the office. Built on decades of WAN optimization leadership and innovation, our industry-leading Acceleration portfolio powers cloud, SaaS, client, and eCDN (video streaming) applications at peak speeds. The solutions help overcome network speed bumps such as latency, congestion, and suboptimal last-mile conditions to empower the hybrid workforce.

The Riverbed Acceleration portfolio combines the agility, performance, and security of carrier-grade SD-WAN with innovative acceleration for Cloud, SaaS, and prem-based applications and services. With client acceleration straight to the desktops of mobile and remote workers, WANOP for traditional apps and eCDN acceleration for deploying video at enterprise scale, Riverbed ensures peak performance for every digital experience. And our solutions get results!


Riverbed Acceleration boosts performance, productivity, and digital experience.
Riverbed Acceleration boosts performance, productivity, and digital experience.

Our customers, like Elizabeth Harp, CIO, GHD, find our solutions essential: “Our 8,500 people collaborate on 3D apps, moving massive digital files across continents as if they’re working side-by-side. Riverbed Acceleration makes it possible.”

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End-to-end Riverbed Acceleration portfolio

WAN Optimization

Riverbed’s SteelHead is the #1 hybrid network optimization and application performance solution chosen by over 30,000 organizations worldwide!

Riverbed draws from two decades of experience in driving network and application performance over Wide Area Networks with its flagship offering, SteelHead. SteelHead delivers the underlying technology that helps enterprises of all sizes maximize the efficiency and performance of the networks and applications used to run modern business. Virtual SteelHead, which is a virtual version of the SteelHead appliance, includes pre-configured software for customers to use on their own machine if they prefer.

Cloud Accelerator

Fast, agile, secure delivery of any cloud workload to anyone, anywhere.

Riverbed Cloud Accelerator is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment that accelerates migration and enhances access and reliability for any workload. Cloud Accelerator runs on leading IaaS platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accelerate migration and access to workloads through proven data, transport and application streamlining. Ultimately this increases time to market, enhances employee productivity, and delivers maximum cloud value to the business.

SaaS Accelerator

Fast, agile, secure delivery of mission-critical SaaS applications.

Riverbed delivers the only cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) acceleration service, purpose-built for today’s dynamic workforce. The solution ensures consistent performance of leading SaaS applications (Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more) for anyone, anywhere, regardless of distance. The solution accelerates SaaS application performance by overcoming network inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and unpredictable user-experiences.

Client Accelerator

Fast, secure apps and data for today’s hybrid workforce.

Client Accelerator extends best-in-class WAN optimization and app acceleration technology to remote users working from anywhere. It provides fast and secure access to on-prem, IaaS, and SaaS-based apps across any network. The solution also interacts directly with any SteelHead, Cloud Accelerator, or SaaS Accelerator solutions to optimize and accelerate on-premises or SaaS applications.

Client Accelerator significantly boosts app performance
Client Accelerator delivers leading-edge app performance to today’s work-from-anywhere workforce

eCDN Accelerator

A cloud-based content delivery platform for today’s dynamic workforce.

Riverbed eCDN Accelerator empowers your hybrid workforce by delivering high-quality live and on-demand video to all employees, regardless of their location, device, or bandwidth capacity. In addition, our browser-based, self-service solution does not require any software to install, purchase of hardware, or investment in additional network infrastructure.

Software-defined WAN

Achieve ultimate agility, performance and security as you expand your network to the internet, cloud and edge.

Riverbed’s secure enterprise SD-WAN unifies connectivity across branch, data center, and multi-cloud infrastructure. The solution enables your organization to:

  • Expand connectivity options:Increase WAN capacity with cost-effective Internet Broadband and LTE to augment or replace MPLS
  • Boost operational agility: Streamline network operations and drive strategic value with centralized policy-based management
  • Streamline branch infrastructure: Replace conventional branch routers with a platform that combines routing, SD-WAN, WAN optimization and security
  • Accelerate site provisioning: Slash costs of onboarding a branch with zero-touch provisioning

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Case study

Childers, a U.S. architecture firm, has been creating meaningful and memorable spaces for Native American communities for over 25 years. The company was greatly impacted when the global pandemic hit. The shift to remote work impacted the firm’s VPN performance. This limited people’s access to business-critical applications and complicating collaboration. Childers also found it difficult to support end user systems remotely. The company’s IT support effort was limited by available bandwidth and network latency. In addition, low bandwidth as people worked from home posed more network challenges.

The company worked with Riverbed to deploy Riverbed Client Accelerator, SaaS Accelerator, and Virtual SteelHead at the datacenter. This provided more reliable and faster remote access. By using Riverbed Acceleration solutions and achieving faster file access, Childers was able to significantly increase productivity. The solutions helped save each employee 1.5 days per week, which was also a huge time savings company-wide. Phillip, MIS Manager at Childers said, “Had it not been for Riverbed, we wouldn’t have been able to work from home so efficiently when the global pandemic started. Riverbed enabled us to share huge files with remote users that work with varying amounts of bandwidth.” For more details on this case study click here!

Riverbed solutions drive results for our clients

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