NetIM Health Sunburst: Easy Discovery of Poor Device Performance

Heidi Gabrielson

The Riverbed NetIM Health Sunburst automatically calculates your overall health score so you can see instantly how your infrastructure is performing. Instantly identify infrastructure health and availability gaps, then drill into the worst performing areas for fast root cause analysis.

Immediately identify device hot spots 

The NetIM Health Sunburst automatically identifies infrastructure hot spots that are impacting network and application performance. It isolates data by country, region, and city or by sites. This level of visibility enables fast root cause analysis by supporting fast drill down into a list of worst performing devices.

Alluvio NetIM Health Sunburst dashboard
Device Health Sunburst shows worst performing devices by country, region, city.

The Sunburst color codes (orange, yellow, green) areas that need improvement, so you can act fast to make appropriate changes. It helps:

  • Provide an immediate picture of overall infrastructure health and the factors that contribute to it to prioritize remediation efforts.
  • Identify infrastructure hot spots with color-coded health scores to speed up problem investigation.
  • Drill-down into problem area to identify poorly performing devices.

The new sunburst health visualization provides an easy alternative to the geographic heatmap and geo-topology visualization options.

Health Sunburst dashboard shows worst-performing devices
Health Sunburst lets you drill into a region to see the worst-performing devices.

How Health Sunburst works

A device’s geographic location data, which can be set in the Device Manager, is used to aggregate by Country, Region, and City. The size and color of the slices in the sunburst is based on the relative number of devices and worst device health, respectively. When you mouse-over a slice, you get a summary of the devices in the slice. Clicking on a slice provides the list of devices in the slice.

Alternatively, you can use device site membership and site hierarchy to aggregate and display health by site with the separate but related Site Health Sunburst visualization panel.

NetIM for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring

Riverbed NetIM is a holistic solution for discovering, mapping, monitoring, and troubleshooting your IT infrastructure. It captures infrastructure topology, detects performance and configuration changes, maps application paths over the network, diagrams your network in real-time, and helps troubleshoot infrastructure problems and plan for capacity changes.

NetIM is built on a modern, containerized architecture for scalability, ultra-high performance, and cloud deployment for operational agility. As an integrated component of the Riverbed NPM platform, customers can manage infrastructure issues in the context of overall  performance health.

For more information on Riverbed NetIM, click here.

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