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The bank had many monitoring tools, but nothing that could explain why end-users complained that their apps were slow.
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  • Gain visibility into the end-user experience
  • Accelerate troubleshooting
  • Create an early warning system for addressing network and application performance issues proactively
  • No systematic way to monitor end-user experience


  • Deeper visibility into end-user experience based on service-level monitoring
  • Faster, more accurate troubleshooting
  • Enhanced overall operation, maintenance and collaboration capabilities of the team
  • Fewer end-user complaints


With Alluvio AppResponse, the bank now has complete visibility into all business-critical applications. The bank has more than 200 banking outlets throughout China and relationships with more than 700 banks overseas.

The bank built a network and application performance visibility platform on Riverbed® SteelCentral™ AppResponse, a network-based APM solution that provides real-time application performance monitoring based on actual end-user experience. The platform has two components. One is traffic aggregation using a network packet broker, which collects packet data from each network domain through port mirroring, using SPAN technologies, and distributes it to the AppResponse appliances as needed. AppResponse then takes the packet data and uses it to determine the end-user experience.




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