Simmons and Simmons

Clear picture of end-user experience drives transformation of Simmons & Simmons’ workplace environment
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  • Establish the means to manage, monitor and improve application performance across the desktop estate
  • Ensure consistent end-user experience for 2,000 users worldwide


  • Establishes a single view of digital applications
  • Improves issue resolution and bolsters support teams
  • Enables business to monitor change management and better inform future IT investment


Simmons & Simmons is a multinational law firm, headquartered in London with offices worldwide. It opened its first international office over 50 years ago when Simmons & Simmons was the first law firm from the City of London to open an office in Brussels. Today, the business has offices in 22 key financial centres across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.



Desktops are the core of the business, but we know 50% of users are accessing emails on their mobile device. Mobiles are part of a lawyers’ everyday life. We can deploy applications to mobiles securely, so it makes sense for us to understand how these apps are performing.

“We want insight into the experience of users on the other side of the world, not just those sat five meters from the IT team.”

Ross Jeremy, Modern Workplace Team Lead

Simmons & Simmons

“Visibility into the impact of change is a key benefit.”

Ross Jeremy, Modern Workplace Team Lead

Simmons & Simmons


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