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With Riverbed Technology, Subsea 7 experiences network speeds that are up to 24 times faster, lowering file transfer times from 12 minutes to two seconds.

In Brief

  • Help ensure optimized network performance for both ship- and land-based employees
  • Reduce latency to improve file transfer speeds and application performance
  • Utilize centralized management tools to fine tune global network performance

Subsea 7 is one of the world's leading subsea engineering and construction companies servicing the oil and gas industry. The company wanted to ensure that its ship-based staff could access SharePoint and other network-based applications just as quickly as its employees on land.

To optimize bandwidth and reduce latency on its satellite links, Subsea 7 turned to Riverbed solutions. The technology's centralized management console was the ideal solution for fine tuning global network operations at sea and on land.


Experienced network speeds up to 24x faster

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